Thursday, Sep 21, 2017 | Last Update : 08:51 AM IST


Is world ending for real on Sept 23? Maybe science has another answer

The latest world-ending theory seems to be pointless as science has no proof of the mysterious planet’s existence.

20 Sep 2017 7:28 PM

Ancient Mars supported liquid water: study

Mars had a surface environment that supported liquid water about 3.5 billion years ago.

19 Sep 2017 3:34 PM

Earth sweltered to 3rd hottest august, summer on record

The average temperature for June through August was 61.47 degrees (16.41 Celsius).

19 Sep 2017 9:38 AM

Mysterious night side of Venus revealed for first time

Scientists have characterised wind and cloud patterns of the night side of planet Venus for the first time.

18 Sep 2017 2:18 PM

Want a job at NASA? Read this first

The starting pay is pretty good, but the jobs are pretty hard to get, tough to keep.

18 Sep 2017 11:39 AM

New technology could reinvent air conditioning

A radiative cooling technology could help cut energy consumption by nearly 70 per cent.

18 Sep 2017 10:20 AM

NASA space psychology subjects ending 8 months of isolation

The crew of four men and two women were quarantined on a vast plain below the summit of the world's largest active volcano in January.

17 Sep 2017 8:54 AM

Mars research subjects to emerge after 8 months of isolation

Their first order of business after subsisting on mostly freeze-dried and canned food.

16 Sep 2017 9:39 AM

Cassini spacecraft ends 13-year odyssey with fiery plunge into Saturn

Being low on fuel, NASA crashed it into Saturn to avoid any chance of it someday colliding with and contaminating nearby planets.

16 Sep 2017 9:04 AM

NASA's Cassini spacecraft ends 20-year-long epic journey

The Cassini mission gave scientists an unprecedented view of the sixth planet from the Sun.

15 Sep 2017 6:09 PM