Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017 | Last Update : 10:54 PM IST


China in talks with European Space Agency about moon outpost

China has ramped up its space program since its first manned spaceflight in 2003

26 Apr 2017 1:20 PM

NASA's Cassini poised to plunge beneath Saturn's rings

Cassini is running low on fuel, and will make a death plunge into Saturn's surface on September 15.

26 Apr 2017 9:38 AM

NASA's Super Pressure Balloon successfully launched

The mission will run for 100 or more days floating at 33.5 km in the southern hemisphere's mid-latitude band.

25 Apr 2017 3:30 PM

Trump congratulates Whitson for breaking US space record

Trump impressed with astronauts for achieving breakthroughs in space, tired of politicians

25 Apr 2017 10:22 AM

Fossils may be earliest known multicellular life: study

Fossils discovered in S. Africa are probably the oldest fungi ever found by a margin of 1.2 billion years

25 Apr 2017 8:07 AM

ISRO invites proposals for space experiments to study Venus

The Announcement of Opportunity (AO) is for space experiments by institutions in the country

25 Apr 2017 7:54 AM

Astronaut breaks record for most time in space by American

The ISS commander surpassed the record of 534 days, two hours and 48 minutes for most accumulated time in orbit by an American.

24 Apr 2017 7:46 PM

Elixir of life: Scientists claim to have found a way to desalinate seawater

University of Manchester researchers have invented a ‘graphene oxide membrane’ that sieves salt from seawater.

24 Apr 2017 5:04 AM

China's first cargo spacecraft docks with orbiting space lab

President Xi Jinping has prioritised advancing China's space programme to strengthen national security

23 Apr 2017 9:25 PM

China's first cargo spacecraft docks with orbiting Tiangong-2 space lab

Beijing’s goal is to establish a permanently manned space station by 2022

22 Apr 2017 12:27 PM