Saturday, Mar 25, 2017 | Last Update : 09:17 AM IST


Why do we think NRIs, PIOs better than us?

The biggest investment our better-off NRI brethren make in India is by investing in high-interest-bearing NRI deposits in Indian banks.

25 Mar 2017 1:59 AM

What’s next for the Muslims in UP?

The Muslim response to the BJP victory is muted so far but the party’s supporters must not gloat over their dismay.

24 Mar 2017 2:01 AM

‘Shakespeare’ of the world of rock’n’roll

Roll Over Beethoven was also a declaration of intent, a pronouncement to the effect that the times were changing.

23 Mar 2017 4:00 AM

Modi and the monk: Road ahead for UP

Tens of thousands of young people from Uttar Pradesh vote with their feet, seeking jobs in other states.

23 Mar 2017 3:54 AM

Courts can’t be the final solution in a democracy

The tendency to rush to the court reflects on the distrust of democratic institutions.

22 Mar 2017 2:29 AM

Are safeguards possible to prevent theocracy?

Much of the angst against Adityanath is drawn from the colonial “brown sahib” culture of political correctness.

22 Mar 2017 2:26 AM

Will BJP put Hindutva on backburner in UP?

The BJP’s counter-strategy will be to prove their detractors wrong.

21 Mar 2017 2:27 AM

Citizens’ rights vs State: The Internet is a battleground

The misuse of religion for political ends can now be called out.

20 Mar 2017 2:12 AM

Pak’s Gilgit move a new test for Modi?

Over the years, India has erred in not forcefully voicing the Gilgit-Baltistan issue in international forums.

20 Mar 2017 2:07 AM

States should have a say in foreign affairs

Foreign affairs is a subject of the Union under India’s Constitution and, indeed, of all countries.

19 Mar 2017 2:17 AM