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Diana Douglas dies at 92 after battling cancer

Actress Diana Douglas Webster, ex-wife of actor Kirk Douglas and mother of Michael Douglas, has died of cancer at age 92, the US media reported.

Universe may be less crowded than thought

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There may be far fewer galaxies further out in the Universe than thought earlier, according to a new study.

Solar Impulse breaks solo flight record


The Solar Impulse, which took off from Japan on Monday on the seventh leg of its journey and landed in Hawaii on Friday, shattered the solo-flight record threshold of 76 hours while crossing the Pacific

America Ferrera slams Trump for racist ramarks

America Ferrera

Actress America Ferrera has penned an open “Thank You” letter to Donald Trump following his ill-advised remarks about Mexicans in the US, suggesting he inadvertently inspired more Latinos to vote.

Universal flu vaccine soon to be a reality?


A universal flu vaccine that can protect against many strains of the virus may be closer to reality, after scientists found that it is possible to create more effective vaccines against the ever-mutat

Aliens exist, look just like humans: UK expert

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Aliens may actually exist and resemble humans, possessing limbs and a head, and could even have the capacity to think intelligently, a University of Cambridge expert has claimed.

US woman gets artificial heart, first of its kind

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A 44-year-old woman in the US has received a life-saving heart transplant, thanks to an experimental artificial heart designed for smaller patients.

28 years on, Hassan ex-wife breaks silence on divorce

Vani Ganapathy

Ending her 28-year-silence after her bitter divorce with super star Kamal Hassan, Bharatnatyam exponent Vani Ganapathy says her ex-husband could take a leaf out of the books of younger actors.

Blue-eyed people are prone to alcoholism?


People with blue eyes might have a greater chance of becoming alcoholics, according to an interesting new study.

When it was observed in this column a month ago that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had suffered a precipitous loss of popularity within one year flat, faster than his predecessors who lasted longer tha

Pamela Hartigan, director of the Schwab Foundation, drew up a list of 10 points common to people who become dissatisfied with the world around them and decide to create their own work.