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Duchovny plays up russian link in ad

US actor David Duchovny has stirred up a storm of debate in Russia by appearing in an ultra-patriotic beer ad in which he fantasises about being Russian.

New code for Beatles’ music


The study demonstrates scientifically that the structure of the Beatles music changes progressively from one album to the next

Babylon 5 creator joins hands with Indian firm


Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczyns-ki and digital company Graphic India are collaborating to turn his upcoming graphic novel Titans into a feature film.

Toddler’s eye contact may signal autism risk

The act of making eye contact with another person to share an experience without a smile can predict later autism symptoms in babies, a new study has found.

Richard III’s grave opens to public

King Richard III

The grave of King Richard III, immortalised by Shakespeare as one of history’s great villains, was opened up to the public on Saturday in central England.

Up the Down Staircase author dies at 103

Bel Kaufman, the witty and spirited fiction writer, educator and storyteller whose hugely popular book, Up the Down Staircase, captured the insanity and the humour, the pathos and the poetry of the Am

Classical singer, actress Sushila Rani dies at 96


Renowned classical singer Sushila Rani died following a heart attack at her home here on Thursday afternoon, a close disciple said. She was 96.

Only 8.2% of human DNA is functional


Only 8.2 per cent of human DNA is doing something important or is likely to be “functional”, Oxford scientists say.

Earth in midst of sixth mass extinction?

The loss and decline of animals is contributing to what appears to be the early days of the planet’s sixth mass biological extinction event, scientists warn.

Besides controlling food inflation, the most challenging task before Narendra Modi is to create jobs for millions of young men and women, some of whom were responsible for his resounding victory in the elections. It is one thing to promise jobs and another to actually create them.

There is no shortage of just causes in the world, filled as it is with rising inequity, conflict and brutality. Yet, some causes seem more equal than others. The current one is the Israeli invasion of Gaza.