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Celebs’ nude photos leaked online

Jennifer Lawerence

Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst among targeted; blogger Perez Hilton sorry for leak

New heart drug shows big result


Cardiovascular failure, in which the heart does not pump blood effectively, kills at least 26 million people a year worldwide

BBC trust to get 1st female head

Rona Fairhead

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) trust, the body overseeing the world famous news corporation, is set to get its first female head.

Now, shoe will show you the way


GPS-enabled smart sports shoe vibrates to give wearer directions

Patient’s nose cartilage can repair knee

In a breakthrough, scientists have harvested cartilage cells from patients own noses to grow replacement cartilage for their knees.

127-yr-old Mexico woman may be oldest human ever

A Mexican woman who celebrates her 127th birthday on Sunday is believed to be the oldest human to have ever lived and the secret to her long life may be chocolate and lots of sleep.

‘Tomato-rich diet wards off prostate cancer’

Men who eat over 10 portions a week of tomatoes have an 18 per cent lower risk of developing prostate cancer, according to a new research.

Miley Cyrus’ MTV date turns himself in to Oregon police

A homeless man who was chosen by Miley Cyrus to accept her MTV Music Video Award on Sunday has turned himself in on a probation violation and was free after posting bail, authorities in Oregon said on

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to honeymoon on Gozo island

Newlyweds Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are in Mediterranean island post their secret nuptials last week to work on their next project together.

On July 22, 2014, an international partnership across India, Africa and the US launched the “One Agriculture-One Science: A Global Education Consortium” initiative aimed at revitalising global agricultural education, capacity building and technology transfer.

A few weeks ago a public school in the National Capital Region organised an Id Milan during school hours for students. Not all students were invited to it. During the mid-morning recess, teachers instructed Muslim students to line up and go to the place for the function.