Age on Sunday

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Vroom vroom, ladies!

Imagine zipping around on a bike on the racetrack, accelerating from 0 to 100 kmph in about 5.5 seconds and zooming on to top machine speeds in excess of 200 kmph and going lap after lap until the chequered flag is waved at you even as your long hair is flying behind the crash helmet. This does sound like cinematic fantasy out of Bollywood in a ...


It would have remained a Thursday encumbered by the plight of laziness if my mother, with whom I share a penchant for tales of spirits and phantoms, would not have come up with the spontaneous ...

Don’t knock a man when he is down” is an excellent maxim, and that must be the only reason that the knives are not out for Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Was it complacency? Or did so many of us just not imagine this could possibly happen? For Londoners Brexit bore specially bad tidings, as they had voted to “Remain”.