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A provocative-ly titled article which appeared in a newspaper last month (No second wife, please by Jyoti Punwani), while highlighting the efforts of a Muslim women’s group, the Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan (BMMA), on finalising the final draft of the new Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act, released on June 18, which makes polygamy illegal, quoted the BMMA co-founder as saying, “This is what the poor, uneducated Muslim women living in ghettos wanted… We played the Devil’s Advocate with them, asking them, wasn’t a second wife necessary if the first couldn’t conceive, for example. Their reply was, ‘No. No second wife. No woman should have to share her husband with another woman.’”

On Friday N.N. Vohra, governor of Jammu and Kashmir, delivered a speech in New Delhi that was notable for its lucid analysis of the inextricably interlinked external and internal security problems and a series of sound suggestions about how to meet the grim challenges this country faces.