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High priestesses of society

With the passing away of Parmeshwar Godrej — the society party hostess supremo — tabloids are sighing that it is the end of a grand era. That it certainly is! Her parties were inimitable in scale and drama. From the guest list to the ambience to the flair and élan. Her panoramic formula for the ‘great grand party’ where her mirrored walls ...


The sea shimmered all around, a galaxy on earth. Somebody had sighted a dolphin and screamed at the pirouette and everyone waited with bated breath, fingers fire-ready at the shutter. The boat ...

As a neutral observer, I have no hesitation in saying that at this moment there is hardly any political party which could pose a political challenge to the BJP at the national level, but that doesn’t

Might is right is an adage as old as the Aravalli Hills.