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Age on Sunday

Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi on a horror roll

Actress Huma Qureshi talks about Dobaara, her latest horror film where she’s also sharing space with her brother Saqib Saleem.

Plank pose

Yoga for better metabolism

This workout not just strengthens your arms, legs and the pelvic region, but also increases your metabolism.

End of Game for Arvind Kejriwal?

After a promising start, Arvind Kejriwal’s downfall looks imminent and his political image has taken a beating.

Reviving grandma’s recipes

There are recipes that can be termed timeless, but not many find the time to recreate them with the same effort and magic.

Stellar dreams

For Chandini Veeramachaneni Guntupalli, working with NASA and currently on the Cassini spacecraft project, is a dream come true.

Proving her ‘metal’

Advaeita Mathur enjoys using materials that are usually not experimented with, to create accessories that are functional and elegant as well.

Magnificent instrument!

Check out the most expensive pianos in the world and the interesting history behind each piece.

Of lochs and glens

With large lakes and rolling hills on one side and vibrant cities on the other, Scotland has a little something to offer to everyone who visits.

Shades of a master artist

Photographer Parthiv Shah captured various moods and candid moments in the everyday life of legendary artist M.F. Husain.