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No stars in their eyes

They say it takes a long time to grow an old friend. In the flaky world of Bollywood’s fickle fame, loyalty is at a premium Glory is transient and money can’t buy true friends. That’s why Bollywood’s reigning queen bee, Deepika Padukone’s recent confession comes as no surprise. She admitted, “I am quite a reserved, shy, and quiet person. I very ...


Erotica in stone has come to be synonymous with Khajuraho. but how many have heard of Bhoramdeo Temple amidst the verdant Maikal hills of Chhattisgarh? The remoteness augured well for ...

Air power is the most capital-intensive means of war. A modern fighter jet now could cost several hundred crores and the prices seem to be rising exponentially.

I returned to India in August 1946 after serving in Burma and Indonesia during the Second World War.