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Age on Sunday

The Dubrovnik Beach is mesmerising with clear waters and clearer skies.

Dubrovnik, the walled city of Croatia

Dubrovnik is a picture-postcard beautiful fort city in Croatia.

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh’s new movie may be an average success

The actor will be able to expand his wealth and interests in areas other than movies.

All in the family for Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor is on cloud 9 with his “Chacha Mama” role in the film, Mubarkan and the reason for his exuberance during the promotional events.

Epic women’s tale

Author Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan explores the stories of queens, wives and mothers of Mahabharata.

‘Spectacle’ of planet Sahithi

My system helps citizens collect data through an affordable, easy-to-use mobile-based water testing kit, says Sahithi Pingali.

Papered with love

Paper is an often unexplored medium, says Jenny Pinto, as she explains why she crafts it with so much love.

Key‘hall’ of fame

there was a time when these instruments were much in demand to capture special moments. Here is a pick of the world’s most expensive cameras.

FIFTY going on NIFTY!

Get fit in the latter years of your life with these simple home exercises that are easy to do.

Relics on print

The photographs mostly consist of architectural views, landscapes and portraits of their patrons and clients.