Friday, Jan 20, 2017 | Last Update : 11:28 PM IST


Italy’s Sardinia has the world’s rarest pasta

The pasta called 'Su filindeu' can be made only by the Abraini family

20 Jan 2017 4:26 PM

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Some classic and some novel drinks to keep you warm this winter.

20 Jan 2017 1:29 AM

Phirni in a cake!

Model Vibhinta Verma shares her favourite recipe with an Indian twist that helped her gain entry into Masterchef Season 3.

20 Jan 2017 12:16 AM

Moves like jaggery

The winter calls for a nice bite of wholesome sweetness, the ordinary jaggery infuses an earthy taste to many recipes.

20 Jan 2017 12:15 AM

Jack Daniel’s to sell coffee

The alcohol brand has now partnered with World of Coffee, Inc. to create a line of whiskey-flavoured coffees.

20 Jan 2017 12:15 AM

Corny surprises

Who says you have to go out for American food? These easy-to-make American corn recipes are perfect for chilly evenings at home.

19 Jan 2017 12:41 AM

From the sea’s treasure chest

Savour these easy-to-prepare crustacean delights in the comfort of your home.

16 Jan 2017 12:38 AM

Of festive feasts

Welcome the warmth of the Lohri bonfire, spread the Makar Sankranti cheer and convey greetings of Pongal with these sweet dishes.

14 Jan 2017 12:35 AM

Not on my plate

Following Mc Donald’s Masala Dosa burger experiment, city chefs weigh in on the idea of fusion food.

14 Jan 2017 12:34 AM

Crickets make leap in demand as a food protein

Farmers are starting cricket farms as it is known to be more ecologically sound

13 Jan 2017 1:29 PM