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Tulsi Ramsay


Tulsi Ramsay, Master of horror films Passes Away

The Ramsays quickly went back to doing what they were best at.

Arshad Warsi


Akshay Kumar's comedy the best: Arshad Warsi

Arshad Warsi has always been up for trying out new things. The actor who is known for his comic timing will now be seen in Fraud Saiyaan.


Nutan's grand daughter's film set in Kashmir

Notebook is produced by Salman Khan Films and is directed by Nitin Kakkar.


Sushant Rajput mending fences with ex?

Sources say this was Sushant’s only attempt to connect with his former girlfriend after the breakup.

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Decking tarps

An ongoing art project called Tarpaulin Tapestries is adding vibrancy to the otherwise drab tarpaulin sheets that canopy Mumbai.

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Flying solo, with guards up!

In today’s fast-paced world many women also take a break from technology while travelling.

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Be choosy on Netflix

The streaming giant is testing a new feature that allows the viewers to watch a scene again.

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Robo delivery

Serve uses Velodyne LIDAR sensors and Nvidia Xavier processor to navigate and avoid obstacles as it makes deliveries directly to people’s homes.


Bringing Japanese umami to India

From the world famous Ramen noodles to the stimulating Katsu Curry, this pop-up will take your palate on a journey through Japan.

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Eschewing revenge

It is that time of the year when we tend to take stock of how the year went and how we coped with what life handed us.

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Car‘TELL’ it like it really is

The drug wars come full circle in Narcos Mexico, a totally edge-of-the-seat thriller.

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Play of light and shade

There are a multitude of ideas for window décor.

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Forgive and forget

Maturity suggests ‘that’s life’ but I think maturity operates from the mind and that is a space distanced away from the heart?


Glad to have a friend like Sucheta

I am close to Sucheta Khanna. She is like my Godmother. I am saying that without her permission.

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Creating a life changing network

Emotional intelligence can make friendships more satisfying and rewarding.

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How to protect yourself from ‘office syndrome’?

In this era of digitalisation, everyone is spending a big chunk of time in front of computer without acknowledging its effects on our body.