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PM2.5 causes systemic inflammation, vasoconstriction and raised blood pressure (Photo: AFP)

Pollution caused by diesel can increase heart attack risk

Inhalation of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) causes localised inflammation of the lungs.

The drug also helped him be more social and willing to play a game of hide-and-seek with his 16-year-old brother. (Photo: Pixabay - picture for representation purpose only)

Autistic teen speaks first full sentence after century-old drug use

The drug suramin was earlier used to cure sleeping sickness

Changing diets by increasing intake of dietary fiber seems to be one of the most economic ways to reduce the risk of knee osteoarthritis. (Photo: Pixabay)

Adults can prevent arthritis knee pain with fiber-rich foods

Eating fibrous food can prevent disability due to the osteoarthritis

The SUN movement works collaboratively with 59 countries to end malnutrition and states such as Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand are members of this movement. (Photo: AFP)

Nutrition in India will improve soon, says UN Expert

The measures taken for nutrition are better than what they were before


Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is proud of Indian designers

Sonam Kapoor chats about representing Indian fashion at Cannes and urges Indian producers to take their movies to film festivals.

Designer Pria Kataaria Puri

Sizzling summer styles

If you’ve ever thought that warm weather must-haves were predictable as hell, then it’s time for a rethink.

Tas continues that the more that women travel and discover cultures beyond their own, the more open they are to sporting different variety of clothes. (Photo: Nothing Wear)

Beach bumming, Indian style

The Indian body type has become a canvas for new bikinis, different from the international ones.

A file picture of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who recently sported the trend at the Cannes Film festival’17.

New hues on the ‘BLOCK’

An intelligent mash of colours (also called colour blocking) is what’s trending in the make-up scene, explains a beauty expert.

Waterproof and cream-based foundations help keep your skin’s base uniform, without making it appear cakey.

Rain’s the main beauty pain?

Opt for berry, deep plum or marsala and go easy on the eyes to make a striking statement.


Punjabi Chaap Curry with Dosa

Balle balle to Punjabi cuisine

What makes Punjab different from other states is its culinary treasure.

Vanilla Ice-cream Sandesh

Frozen treats

As the temperatures soar beyond imagination, everyone is craving for something cold to eat.

An expensive glass of wine, or your favourite Old Monk. Enjoy them both, says Ajit. (Photo: Pexels)

Money can’t buy taste

Heavy on the pocket doesn’t mean better for the palate. Wine expert Ajit Balgi busts some myths as he talks about flaunting our personal choice.

The festival organisers announced this week that they were in the way of installing an underground beer pipeline.

Beer pipeline laid for music festival

When it comes to the Wacken Open Air festival (WOA) in Wacken, Germany, things need to be done a tad differently.


Sahithya (second from right) along with the locals

A trip close to Heart

Model-actress Sahithya Jagannathan writes about how her recent trip to the himalayas made her look at life from a new perspective.

The serene Buddha statue

A long island enticing spree

Thailand’s islands are a joy to behold, and this couple found the Similan Islands a panacea to their soul even as they revelled at a Coldplay concert.

One of India’s favourite dishes, biryani came from Iran.

Citizens of a planet

Even the so-called ‘national’ dress or culture is a result of hundreds of years of acculturation.

A traveller’s photo of their butt at a scenic location.

Crazy, Crazy Times!

The Internet is a wild place. don’t believe us? Check out the various bizarre trends, that include the butt, beer and yoga.

Sight-seeings in Hampi (Photos: Wikimedia Commons)

An enlightening road trip

Motorbike racer Ryhana Reya shares her recent travel experience to the beautiful village of Hampi.


Sravya’s paintings depict enlightenment, peace, Indian mythology, Gods and Goddesses.

A multi-faceted artiste

From braving the odds to passionately pursuing the arts, Sravya Kothalanka hopes to inspire people to become better versions of themselves.

Auditions, and particularly open auditions, are a vital component to a healthy performing culture. (Photo: Asian Age)

Auditions: Thing that all actors crave, yet dread

Auditions, and particularly open auditions, are a vital component to a healthy performing culture.

Artist Suvigya Sharma with wife Charu Sharma and PM Narendra Modi.

A brush with the rich and famous

A portrait gives you the leeway to play around the human anatomy in great detail.

Amita Talwar

An art show on your mobile phone

Amita Talwar selected 160 photographs from all the places she travelled to over the years and sent them to artists in and out of the country.

Karan and Devraj

Ooru boys create innovative bag!

Two youngsters have created a backpack that also functions as a sling or a tote. We catch up with these engineers.


3 million women are at risk of FGM each year (Photo: AFP)

Female genital mutilation stops Egyptian women from climaxing

The government is leading campaigns against the practice with harsher punishment, but it continues illegally.

Poor handling involves very high levels of interparental conflict (Photo: AFP)

Here's how a child's health suffers due to a divorce

Children of separated parents are approximately more likely to have gastrointestinal, genitourinary, dermatological or neurological issues.

There's not even an agreed-upon definition for sexting (Photo: AFP)

Sexting doesn't really guarantee sex

It was impossible to tell if sexting actually influenced behaviour at all.

Still from Sex and the City.

Till death do me apart

If you thought monogamy and polygamy have been hard enough to corner, sologamy presents a whole new set of concerns.

More Features

Geeta Chandran

I want to be a dancer in my next life too, says Geeta Chandran

Bharatanatyam dancer Geeta Chandran, who was recently conferred the Sangeet Natak Akademi award, talks about her journey so far.

Railway station clean-up drive. (Photo: Shripad Naik)

V for vandalism

Stolen headphones and damaged LCD screens on the Mumbai-Goa Tejas Express have incensed people.

Pigeons have been used to carry messages for centuries (Photo: YouTube)

Pigeon being used for drug trafficking caught in Kuwait

Pigeons are being used for trafficking due to ability to fly long distances and carry 10 percent of their weight.

One of the labs used by Thomas Alva Edison replanted at Greenfield Village.

Deconstructing Detroit

Detroit houses the headquarters of three big US auto manufacturers — General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

The family of fisher folk live in the thatched hut, which is made of plastic sheets.

Sail for living

Easwaramangalam near Ponnani is an ideal location to experience the life of fisher folk from Mysore.