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These are often less costly than other synthetic compounds (Photo: AFP)

Natural oil injections for muscle gain harmful

Use of natural oils for this purpose is well known among Arab and Middle Eastern communities and on internet sites.

"Recent research shows that sexual orientation-related stress and stigma can modulate HPA-axis reactivity (Photo: AFP)

Stress-hormone different in gay men facing stigma

Sexual minorities are more likely to experience discrimination based on their sexual orientation compared to heterosexual individuals.

Mothers induced to ruminate had further reductions in sensitivity following a stressful task with their infant (Photo: AFP)

Negativity in mother affects approach to infant

The study found that rumination causally impairs maternal sensitivity and all mothers, regardless of level of depressive symptoms

"The risk declines after more than six months' treatment." (Photo: AFP)

Blood clot risk due to testosterone treatment

In the first six months after starting testosterone, men have a 63 percent higher risk of clots in the legs and lungs.


Ileana D’Cruz (Photo Courtesy: Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop Magazine)

More than Fifty Shades for a bride

This wedding season, brides are giving the reds and maroons a miss to opt for a fresher palette.

Garments from Withchic.com, Nastygal.com, and ASOS.com

Fashion trends: Denim blooms

Practical and comfy denim has gone pretty and ornate this season in its hand-embroidered avatar.

Like we said before, the three main materials that are in style for the Fall, whether in the clothing ensembles or the shoes, are leather, suede and luxurious velvets.

Step into the new season

Yes, ladies, as winter sets in, it’s time to gear up and equip yourself with all things pointy.

Chiara Ferragni’s Mickey Mouse loafers.

When couture takes the Mickey Mouse

As he turns 88 this month, we look back on why he’s a global couture favourite and why, he’s not fading away anytime soon.

Gigi Hadid (Representational Image)

Looking glass: Nontouring, ready!

Non-touring is a make-up technique that is fuss-free, light-weight and let’s your skin breathe.


The new Asian bistro situated on a rooftop of a residential building in Tardeo.

The goodness of Asia

Upstairs has gained some traction thanks to their cheap-cheaper-cheapest drink routine.

Romain Nicolu arranges beer bottles in his beer shop in Brussels. UNESCO is adding Belgian beer to the list of the "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity". (Photo: AP)

UNESCO says Belgian beer is heritage

UNESCO lauded the Belgian drink for playing an important role in the country’s daily life.

Mulled wine

Cheers to Xmas spirit

It’s that time of the year again! Pick the right kind of warm cocktails to get you into the mood for festivities this month.

Turmeric Tonic

Wintery delights on a platter

Roasted Carrot Soup with Carom Seeds.


The woman shared details in a Facebook post (Photo: YouTube)

Kerala rickshaw drivers threaten Uber cab passenger

The driver was also threatened and even physically assaulted for standing up to hooliganism as police watched.

An European Space Agency image shows the Millennium Tower in San Francisco on the base of modified Copernicus Sentinel satellite data. The colored dots represent targets observed by the radar. (Photo: AP)

Leaning San Francisco tower is sinking faster

It has sunk about 16 inches into landfill and is tilting several inches to the northwest.

Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru

Heights of confidence

Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru, 15, who started scaling mountains at 10, has several records to her credit.

Candidates will be given clues which they have to go around hunting.

Hunt the old charm of Bandra

The co-founder of Travel Master Gogo, a travel company that has organised Fast and Curious, an exploratory hunt across Bandra.

The city surrounding the church

Salsa by the sea

Salsa dancer Arun has visited over nine countries this year, but the one destination that has stuck with him was Rovinj in Croatia.


The size of the graves discovered in the cemetery is larger in some instances than royal graves in Abydos (Photo: AFP)

City dating back 7000 years discovered in Egypt

The find could be a boon for Egypt's ailing tourism industry, which has suffered endless setbacks since an uprising.

Vinod George

Bitten by the travel bug

An artist and agriculturist, Vinod George gave up his cubicle job to embrace his passion for travelling.

Travelling with someone for the first time is exciting, especially if it signals a step forward in your relationship.

5 tips for first time travel partners

Travel can expose things about each other that you hadn’t previously seen.

Angkor Wat

Around South-East Asia in 120 Days

Biker Rohith Subramaniam, who traversed India on a solo ride, recently undertook a 120 day-long journey covering south-east Asia.


Examples of Sangeeta Gupta’s artwork

When silence is golden

If the art is coming out of silence within you, not pre-thought, pre-planned but spontaneous then it goes on to surprise the artist.

An exhibition featuring Baluchari sarees at Kolkata’s Birla Academy

Baluchari, Bengal and beyond

The great doyenne of textiles, Kamala Devi Chattopadhyay, had initiated a project reviving the Baluchari many decades ago. What happened?

It features replicas of gothic statues from the nearby Spis region (Photo: AFP)

Sculptors in Slovakia make Gothic ice dome

Built 1,285 meters (4,240 feet) above sea level in the resort of Hrebienok, the ice dome also serves for weddings and engagement ceremonies.

Textile artist Neha Puri Dhir’s pieces often involve geometric patterns based around circles.

The changing fabric of an artist’s work

Hand-woven fabric from various weaving clusters is procured and then the design is actualised on the surface of the white fabric.

Sorcar is now all geared up for his next show which will be taking place at Yashwant Natya Mandir this weekend.

In conversation with India’s Merlin

Renowned magician P.C. Sorcar, who is all set to perfrom in Mumbai, speaks about magic, science, mythology and more.


She now hopes to have children of her own (Photo: Facebook/Devan Merck)

Woman born without vagina can now start a family

Even after surgically getting a vagina, her then boyfriend shamed her artificial vagina for feeling different.

On day one, the programme has collected profiles of 11 men and 10 women. (Photo: Pixabay)

Senior citizen matrimony helping out lonely people

The novel programme "Senior Citizen Matrimony" was launched at the Calcutta Sports Journalists Club.

It said chemical signalling reward during orgasm may contribute to memory (Photo: YouTube)

Having more sex means sharper memory for women

The reason for this might be freedom from stress and depression following sex or the process of acheiving orgasm.

Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan in happier times.

How to divorce your in-laws

While a divorce is a reset button for the entire family, intervening family members could make your divorce a whole lot messier.