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Women prefer men with more hair on their bodies or the "daddy" type body. (Photo: Pixabay)

This is the type of body women prefer in bed, says PornHub

It is definitely not a chiseled body but it will definitely surprise you

Knee, as we know it today, is made up of three distinct compartments (Photo: AFP)

Knee replacement not only option for arthritis patients

These options could be key-hole surgery (arthroscopic surgery), which, if done at the right time, can halt the progress of the disease.

The prolotherapy should be tried as a first line therapy only if traditional methods are ineffective. (Photo: Pixabay)

Sugar injections may help ease knee joint pain

The solutions injected may not cost much or be difficult to administer and can be used as an alternative

Curious toddlers find the drugs accidentally dropped on the floor while they are playing and put it in their mouth directly. (Photo: Pixabay)

Toddlers are some of the youngest opioid victims

They curiously crawl around the house and find the pills in the most unique places that mother's don't expect


Priyanka Vinod and Megha Kapoor

One in a ‘MILL’enial!

This duo’s new label brings affordability to feminine silhouettes.

Megha and Priyanka

One in a ‘MILL’enial!

This city-based duo’s new label brings affordability to feminine silhouettes.

Designers are playing with ruffles as seen in these creations from runways from across the world.

The nouveau wave

In what’s spring’s breaking trend, ruffles are seeing a resurgence. Here’s how to dip your toe in the trend.

A file picture of Penélope Cruz used for representational purposes only.

Bid adieu to ‘hair’y days!

Doing away with unwanted hair growth is every woman’s dream.

Charumathi GR

Laws of the lips!

The right shade brightens up even the dullest outfit and takes years off your face.


Bombay Mafia Masala

Saucy Love

The ever popular pasta is a carbohydrate rich Italian dish made out of durum wheat flour mixed with water or eggs.

Kaduhu Ohre

A bevu-bella Ugadi

Get ready for the harvest festival with these special recipes from chefs, and make a wholesome meal at home.

Nihal Pinto

Vanilla Iced!

Nihal Pinto, Vidyashilp Academy, Grade 3 is an aspiring baker. He shares his favourite cup cake recipe.

Chef Luigi Ferraro

CALABRIA-TED with Ferraro magic

Chef Luigi Ferraro who won the gold at the International Kremlin Culinary Cup, shares his love for Southern Italian fare.


The name Ponnani was attributed by Arab traders who purchased goods from here in exchange of gold coins.

Symbol of a glorious past

A visit to Ponnani sure provides valuable insights into the unique and diverse heritage of South Malabar.

Azhimala is a portmanteau term of azhi (sea) and mala (hill) — a rare convergence of sea and hill attributing it a befitting name.

A beachside getaway

Tucked away in a scenic locale in Thiruvananthapuram, Azhimala beach stands out for its unique serenity.

Sai Ram, Vivekanand Pokala, Pranavi Gupta, Rajaa Farhan, Shreekhar Khajandar, Ailia Jameel, Pooja Mulchandani and Barkha Merani.

Language of the lens

Eight students from Hyderabad are holding an exhibition of travel photography titled Safarnama Tasveeron Ka.

DJ Donabelle

Veni, vidi, vacay with caution

Country itineraries for tourists are also taking cognisance of the need to be cautious, and many regions have laid out rules to be followed.

Dekyi Yangtso Chawla

A Cuban ‘rave’alution

Entrepreneur Dekyi Yangtso Chawla shares some must-do activities in the fascinating land of Che Guevara, Cuba.


Visitors look at paintings from the Marsden Hartley’s Maine show at The Met Breuer Museum in New York.( Photo: AP)

Hartley landscapes on display at New York

And for travelers who want to see the places depicted in the paintings, there’s a companion itinerary for visiting Maine.

A black circle on a white canvas could mean darkness and gloom or an ominous sign while it could also be construed as tratak meditation method, a popular yoga technique.

A mosaic that goes beyond the obvious

The exhibition will showcase 13 paintings of the artist, each different yet in complete harmony with one another.

While artists from Kerela are almost self-conscious in their use of high—strung colours, artists from Rajasthan are so comfortable using seemingly clashing colours for they know eventually colours find their own balance.

What is all that colour about?

Colours have meaning or are symbolic of specific things, situations and icons.

Dancer Anita Ratnam

And the rest is herstory

Dancer Anita Ratnam talks about her journey of retelling the role of women in epics and history.

Faezeh Jalali

The grey shade of gender

Faezeh Jalali talks about bringing Shikhandi’s tale of gender and ambiguity to life in a contemporary context.


The 40s bring along a lot of change, but some effort can manage things (Photo: Pixabay)

How erections vary among men in their 20s and in 70s

Erection quality for men goes through different changes with each decade of their life.

The blood from a person's body is injected in the penis (Photo: Pixabay)

Penis size may increase by 2 inches with one injection

The surgeon was inspired by botox and a treatment used in sports to revive muscles by injecting blood.

Still from Last Man Standing

All things unequal

what is equality? Does it show in merely what we do?

There is a natural cycle that causes this (Photo: Pixabay)

Sex causes afterglow and thrill lasting for 2 days

Satisfaction among relationships depended on the intensity of sexual afterglow they have.

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The video was retweeted by Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandes who also praised the staff and their ability at having fun while at work.  (Photo: Twitter/FarhanRzman)

Flight attendant dances to Britney Spears' 'Toxic', goes viral

He danced to the song on a Malaysian flight and it now has over six thousand retweets on Twitter

The video has gone viral (Photo: YouTube)

Viral footage of bull thrusting horn in matador's butt

The matador was mowed down and then suffered this shocking ordeal.

Having lots of sex and getting married are some of the reasons that help men have a longer life. (Photo: Pixabay)

Sex can give men a longer life, says study

Six different ways throughout ones life can help men have longer life than others

It's also worshipped by singles on Valentine's Day (Photo: Facebook)

Delhi University campus has a tree producing neem beer

The beer produced is being taken by students and workers for free and the tree produces 10 litres of alcohol.

A forest fire in the Chandradrona Hill range has destroyed hundreds of acres of vegetation in the area, in Chikmagalur. (Photo: PTI)

Farm forestry can combat climate change

The massive afforestation drive launched since has led to gradual increase in the trees outside notified forest areas.