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It is not just the temperature, but the heat accompanied by humidity that makes it dangerous.

Stay healthy, stay cool!

Don’t grab a chilled beer to cool off. Simple water with salt will do.

Hormone therapy wil help people get the right drugs to the right person to ensure the most benefit and least harm. (Photo: Pixabay)

Hormone therapy can lower risk of broken bones post-menopause

The need for the therapy is felt as their Bone Mineral Density decreases as they grow older

Find ways to let negativity go each day and find gratitude (Photo: AFP)

Saying you are stressed can cause more discomfort

Our hearts beat faster, our breathing becomes more rapid, our blood pressure goes up, we can't think straight.

The cognitive functions or the thinking capabilities of the brain deteriorate if the glucose levels fall in the brain.

Food and living: Why carbs are very important for the brain

Carbohydrates are essential for our body, especially for our brain.


Bhavna Pandey

Fashionista has designs on you

Bollywood actor Chunky Pandey’s talented wife has launched her own fashion line and chats about her future.

Designer Shravan Kummar’s bridal collection

Picture perfect summer bride

Put the summer blues behind, and look your best.

A model in one of Aditi’s creations.

LAL-A-BUY for the chic

Budding designer Aditi Lal has a body of work that brings 1950s back in vogue.

Creations from Prada, Shivan and Narresh.

Summer sizzle

Bold, sexy and sleek, the bralette is sitting pretty in the summer wardrobe this year.

You slave your way through the smokey confines of a kitchen, chopping, dicing, prepping, serving under the almighty chef.

We just hat to do this!

The earliest known origins of donning headgear, dates as far back as 15,000 years ago.


Sindhi Mutton Biryani

Bingeing on Biryani

Hyderabadi biryani may be world famous, but there are other equally delicious variants too Sindhi Mutton Biryani.

Neetu Gupta

Say Aloo to the dum!

Fashion designer Neetu Gupta shares her go-to Calcutta Aloodum recipe.

Ice Cream

Quirky summer slurps

As the summer heat beats down on Mumbai, we suggest a few ice cream adventures, for those looking to cool it off.

Fresh Mango and Yogurt

Sorbet for the parched soul!

Hot, sultry and energy sapping weather demands these delicious icy creamy sorbets to lap up.


Even those who do not know swimming can go for Scuba diving, with DSD.

Scuba Diving for Dummies

Though diving can be done in rivers as well as sea, visibility for the diver is an important factor.

But it is another journey that has the happy-go-lucky chief talking animatedly, a trip to Antarctica.

Mundu parade in Antarctica

Venu Gopalakrishnan is a CEO who likes to visit and photograph exotic locations.

Weibe Wakker in Mumbai

Electrippin’ round the world

Wiebe Wakker has travelled the world in an electric car to raise awarenes about sustainability.

Antony in Fort Kochi

Globetrotting Jumping Jack

Backpacker Antony d’Oliveira, 24, has visited nearly 40 countries and in each country he makes sure to photograph himself in a unique pose ‘jumping’.

Upamanyu enjoys playing every sport with equal enthusiasm; his love for sailing however remains unmatched.

Championing the tides

Mumbai’s young sailing champ, Upamanyu Dutta continued his triumphant march at Goa International Sailing Week held in Dona Paula.


At the rehabilitation centre for paraplegics, he met Raja Ram Ghag, another paraplegic who inspired him to take up swimming.

Wheelchair splash

He not only broke his own record in open sea swimming but also practises wheelchair martial arts.

Teapots are some of the artworks on display at the exhibition.

Spiritual experiences, artistic expressions

Manjari Sharma’s art works have a personality of their own, tell a story and celebrate the beauty of being.

Illustrations by No One sends postcards to strangers and attempts at reviving the long-forgotten magic of snail mail.

With love, anonymous

Drawing inspiration from real life, Sapna tries to incorporate the every day life of a 20-something in her illustrations.

Manisha and Ayesha Desai

A stitch in time

From conceptualising the design to shipping the re-purposed clothes, the drill takes about eight to 10 days.

The play Flesh, directed by Kaushik Bose, questions all this and more.

Quest for identity

Sexuality and gender have become a huge issue in this age.


Women felt violated but didn't know if it counts as rape (Photo: AFP)

Removing condom without asking partner is a dangerous trend

The shocking practice is not only making women feel violated but is being encouraged among men.

The drug is good for prognosis (Photo: Pixabay)

Risk for heart patients cut by erectile dysfunction drug

The drug cut chances of hospitalisation and death among people who had suffered a heart attack.

She described it as the worst decision of her life (Photo: Pixabay)

Woman regrets surgery that left her with square breasts

She has been told that removing implants now will leave her breasts in worse shape.

And there's no mess at all (Photo: Pixabay)

Women can now have sex during their period

The new product can stop fluids from entering vaginal canal but enables women to have sex without a mess.

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Alec Horan showed her the box as soon as she completed the routine with him on a beach in Hawaii. (Photo: Youtube/AlecHoran)

Fitness enthusiast proposes to girlfriend during yoga routine

The boyfriend balances his girlfriend on his feet and proposes when she looked downwards

The access to the sanctuary is by permit only which cost Rs 500 per 4 wheeler. (PTI)

GRR.... Experience

The calls start getting frantic and louder and your guide advises you to keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.

The snake didn't create much trouble for people who came to relocate it because it was full (Photo: Facebook)

Huge snake falls off the roof in gym in Australia

The snake was there for two days as the unsuspecting gym owner thought a rodent had come in through the hole.

The lizard does manage to make the snake loosen its grip (Photo: YouTube)

Lizard's fierce encounter with a snake in viral video

The lizard stands up to a snake trying to suffocate another reptile to death on a wall.

Picture for representational purposes (Photo: Asian Age)

Loudspeakers at religious institutions

We get celebrities to give their take on a current issue each week and lend their perspective to a much-discussed topic.