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Representational Image. (Photo: Pixabay)

Prenatal exposure to insecticides can affect mental health of children

Despite growing evidence of harm, many organophosphates remain in use.

2030 is the target date for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which includes a pledge to "end preventable child deaths" (Photo: AFP)

Study suggests 11 million children may die from pneumonia by 2030

Pneumonia, an inflammatory infection of lungs that may be contracted via viral or bacteria infection, is treatable if caught early enough.

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Argue much? Hugs might help avoid bad moods after disagreements

Social interaction and touch have long been linked to changes in the brain that can have a positive impact .

Glaucoma, which can eventually result in blindness if not treated, is most often caused by high intraocular pressure, or high fluid pressure within the eye.

Small-particle air pollution may raise risk of glaucoma in some people

Long-term exposure to black carbon, and other products of combustion, was associated with higher pressures in eye.


This model is seen wearing an anti-fit dress that is perfect for a day out.

Rebel with anti-fit

It’s the age of genderless clothing, with unstructured forms that can be worn by both sexes.

This model is wearing a brown outfit that is colour blocked with a bright magenta.

Brown girl in the ring of style!

Who says brown is boring? Our stylists and designers tell you how to make this shade fun.

A soft opening of the museum is planned for December. (Photo: Pixabay)

India to get world-class costume museum next March

The Moda Goa Museum and Research Centre will be the first costume museum in India based on the history of Goan costumes.

Picture of Emma Stone used for representational purpose only.

No more scars!

Here is all you need to know about disfigurement and how to get rid of it permanently!


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Food loose: Superfood cake

I have used moringa powder in making a delicious cake by adding palm jaggery and coconut milk powder for sweetness.

Mamak Mee Goreng–Chicken

Flavours of the Orient

For all those lovers of Thai cuisine, here are some easy- to- make recipes.

Chef Angus Denoon serving jhalmuri in London

London goes the Kolkata way!

Jhalmuri makes for a perfect rainy season snack. Try this easy-breezy recipe and enjoy it with a cup of adrak ki chai.

There are many who are unsettled or say afraid of entering a tasting room, cellar or even purchasing the beverage in the fear of handling it incorrectly. (Photo: Pixabay)

Wine etiquette: Here are rules of drinking wine

Wine etiquette is an art that is rather learnt over time in order to proficiently master its integrities.

Fabelle is a chocolate lover’s paradise! It is ITC’s own brand of premium chocolate made from cocoa sourced from around the world.

Fabelle — The House of Chocolate

As the festive season draws close, chocolates remain one of the most favourite gifting options.


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Here is your guide to travel in Russia after the FIFA World Cup 2018

MakeMyTrip lists down most frequently booked destinations in Russia.

The deadly landslides took place for around one hour and we had to move away to another area, upon someone else’s advice.

A narrow escape

Srinivas Reddy’s recent road trip has given him memories for a lifetime, both cherishable and harrowing.


A rain-kissed paradise

Be it The constant drizzle or incessant downpour, the lush and dreamy vista of kerala springs alive in the monsoon.

Only 44 per cent of aspiring migrants moved abroad through legal channels. (Representational Image)

Visa restrictions can increase illegal migration: Study

Illegal reorientation is especially problematic when government restrictions are placed on family reunification.


Some of her artworks on display

More than meets the eye

Artist Padma Siri experiments with space, texture and natural forms.

The Malla rulers were Vaishn-avites and built the famous terracotta temples during the 17th and 18th century in Bishnupur, West Bengal

Bengal terracotta — in clay but not ephemeral

Most of the exquisite terracotta temples for which town is justly famous were built during this period.

Paintings by Karnataka based artist Devendra Badiger.

Chronicling the subtle colours of the soul

The paintings are almost a testimony to the colourful vagaries of the soul, which, if not chronicles can be a mere fleeting moment.

The Delhi           premiere at Abhimanch Theatre of National School of Drama seemed to attract a modest gathering on the opening day

A Bharatanatyam weave of threads spun by 2 Indian visionaries

A commendable effort! What the production urgently needs is some drastic editing, to trim it.

A scene from Ramkali

An amateurish play, with shabby costumes

Ramkali sells the shop and so she can get rid of the relatives that have landed there.


One should also reconsider storing them in your bathroom or on window sills, if they are your locations of choice. (Photo: Pixabay)

Here's why you should never store condom in your wallet, or pocket

A damaged condom can make a person using it susceptible to STI's and keeping them in pockets also makes it easier for it to pick up germs.

Nowadays, people try to be as creative as they can possibly be with the invitation cards.

Here are the wedding trends of 2018

Here are some of the latest, fresh-from-the-oven trends that you might want to execute for a fabulous wedding experience.

Compulsive sexual behaviour disorder (CSBD) is a persistent pattern of failure in controlling intense sexual urges. (Photo: AFP)

Adults report distress with difficulty controlling sexual feelings, says study

About 10 pc men, 7 pc women report distress and social impairment associated with difficulty controlling sexual feelings.

weather can even cause men to take longer to get an orgasm (Photo: Pixabay)

Here's the reason why penises may appear smaller in cold weather conditions

The body tries to preserve heat and energy by funnelling blood flow to vital organs in the middle of the body.

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Nawab Shafath Ali Khan along with his son Asag Ali, who killed the tigress, Avni

‘My son shot it, out of self defence’

Amid nation-wide protests over the killing of the tigress in an operation, shooter Nawab Shafath defends his son’s decision to gun down the animal.

An centre-piece is the cynosure of all eyes.

Centre of soul

Here are some DIY ideas if you are looking for that perfect centre-piece to place on your dining or coffee table.

Niranjan Deepak

Such a cool skate!

A 15-year-old from the coastal town of Mangaluru will be representing India at the Asian Open championships to be held in Jakarta this month.

The other two astronauts who took part in the mission, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin and Michael Collins, also each received one of these plaques. (Representational Image/ Pixabay)

First moon walk's commemorative plaque sold for $468,500

The plaque includes a representation of the lunar module that touched down on the moon on July 20, 1969.