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The pathway used by the venom adds to a small number of nonopioid-based pathways that could be further developed to treat chronic pain.

Venomous marine snail may provide potent painkiller: study

The potent venom can be an alternative for addictive opioids used as painkillers

14 per cent of India's total population are in high-stress zone and needed expert intervention. (Photo: Pixabay)

Negative thoughts could mean stress, finds study

More number of women were stressed in the country compared to men

The mercury in the food takes away the ability of nerve cells to interact with the body's muscles. (Photo: Pixabay)

Eating mercury-rich seafood may up ALS risk: study

Sharks and swordfish are very high in mercury and can cause the neurone disease

She underwent IVF in India (Photo: AFP)

Dubai woman gives birthto child at 63 year of age

The woman had her last child 13 years back from a previous marriage.


Personal shoppers Nishka and Sandhya.

A high browse aide de shop!

In a new trend, the avid shopper gets an expert who customises a shopping expedition to your taste, and even does it for you.

Tailored flared pants with paper bag waists ala actress Anushka Sharma is the way to go this year.

Simply ‘pant’astic!

The stalwarts, however, are mom jeans, cropped flare jeans and deconstructed denims.

Using a lip mask not only provides deep conditioning, but also helps to achieve a fuller pout.

Protect your pout

The lip masks hydrate and even out the lips – offering a smooth surface, which enhances and improves the finish of lipsticks.

(From left) Queen Rania of Jordan, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and FLOTUS  Melania Trump all manage to turn heads without resorting to too much skin show.

No show for the skin

Elegance is an attitude that doesn’t require one to show skin. Fashion experts tell you why.

Models in outfits by Dolce and Gabbana

Time to flaunt arm candy

From bell-shaped and extra-long to balloon and off-shoulder, dramatic sleeves are making a statement this season.


The cafe hosts sign-language classes on certain days in the week to help them talk to hearing-impaired people. (Photo: Facebook/Hearken Cafe)

Delhi café teaches diners sign language while eating

The restaurant has interiors and menus that help people talk to the waiters

Rajmah Kababa

A feast from the Valley

Packed with robust flavours, Kashmiri cuisine has a lot to offer for those looking to try something new.

Oreo craft beer

US brewery creates Oreo craft beer

A Virginia based brewery has decided to take the love for beer and junk food craving to another level, with an Oreo flavoured ale.

The Japanese sake not only has a rich history, but is also a versatile drink that has evolved over time.

Konichiwa, sake!

Sake has a delicate unadulterated flavour and is best consumed as is.


Wine valley around Lake Garda

Bellissimo Italia

Charming, historic, a country you can fall in love with, this city-based writer explores the quaint & picturesque Lombardy region of Italy.

This highly-anticipated event is observed as a traditional ritual where youngsters take part in large numbers.

Colours of the Pink City

Jaipur comes alive,resplendent with different hues during the Kite Festival. Travel blogger Srivatsan recounts his experience.

Over 37 indigenous languages have already disappeared in the country according to recent statistics. (Photo: Pixabay)

Peru in fight to save its endangered languages

There are 17 languages that are critically endangered among the native tribes in the country

Iceland has a website dedicated solely to the introverted, so we know they're welcoming and understanding.

Introvert’s paradise

February is the ideal time to get out and travel to destinations that let you relax.

Plummeting solar activity will shrink the overall size of the Sun's 'atmosphere' by a third and weaken its protective influence on the Earth.

Britain may lose Northern Lights by 2050: study

Due to a lack of solar wind forces the aurora lights may not be visible at lower latitudes


Stills from the play Brotherhood, which will be staged in Mumbai on Feb 24. (Photo: Dakot Arsenault)

Hopped up on hip-hop

Rap musical plays cater to our basest emotions with lyric, movement and fresh energy.

Madan Mohan Lenka, Krushna Chandra Naik, Srihari, Sharon Lowen

The aerobics in Chhau dance

A look at Chhau, a blend of culture and technique.

That Moment of Epiphany, oil on canvas painting where the human figures are hidden behind the mesh of brushstrokes of myriad hues.

Shock value of art has gone up, says V Ramesh

V Ramesh, a prolific painter and an art teacher, believes it is important to find freedom even within boundaries.

Seema Kohli with one of her sculptures.

Spirituality on canvas

Here’s what you need to know about artist Seema Kohli and her ongoing show at the Kalakriti Art Gallery in Hyderabad.

Manasi Prasad

Writing for the dancers stage

Two artistes — a dancer and a singer — are coming together to bring the poems and songs of the Haridasas on stage this week.


A still from Shallow Hal.

Man-friendly zones

Clearing up some issues could well make it easier for men to live with the womenfolk.

“When I was 20 a customer bought me a Porsche” (Photo: AFP)

Japan's host clubs are spaces for women to feel pampered

Some big-spenders splurge over $100,000 in a single night to have their egos stroked by smooth-talking rental Romeos.

One said the note had his girlfriend scream in pleasure (Photo: Instagram)

This musical note can make women orgasm with little effort

The note is the lowest one and is produced by an instrument invented in the 70s and featuring in a popular movie soundtrack.

The surgeries are primarily meant to make women feel sexier (Photo: Facebook)

Here's why this doctor is called the 'vagina whisperer'

Amir Marashi feels he has helped many women with confidence that enables them to have the best sex they ever had.

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That's how it's done (Photo: YouTube)

Woman chases eve teasers and fights back in viral video

The woman can be seen chasing the van on a cycle and teaching the cat callers a lesson.

He asked readers to raise strong women and good men (Photo: Facebook)

This man's Facebook post about his ex-wife is adorable

The post mentions how he helps his children make breakfast for his ex-wife to set an example for them.

Following the findings, the researchers advise that increasing life expectancies will have major implications for health and social services that will need to adapt and will require policies to support healthy ageing, increase investment in health and social care, and possibly changes to retirement age. (Photo: Pixabay)

We will soon live beyond 90: Study

US life expectancy is already lower than most other high-income countries.

Virali Modi

Getting the ball rolling on inclusivity

With the differently-abled from across the globe celebrating who they are, unapologetically, #DisabledAndCute is going viral.

Mathew Meagher, 30, said the construction work ‘wasn’t fazed’ as he stood with the heavy duty nail stuck in his crotch. (Photo: Pixabay)

Builder misfires nail into crotch while working

The 22-year-old worker fired a one-and-a-half-inch nail while working at a site in Swansea