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Amitabh Bachchan to shoot for Kerala, in Kolkata


Bachchan Senior has allotted dates for Vibhu Puri’s next film, reportedly titled Kerala. The shoot for the movie will see him return to Kolkata, where he previously shot for Piku


Nicole Kidman ‘happy’ for daughter

Nicole Kidman

It’s known that Nicole Kidman wasn’t invited to her daughter Bella Cruise’s wedding — whom she adopted with ex husband Tom Cruise in 1992 — but a new report now says that Nicole didn’t even know she w


Holding together a Kuchipudi parampara

Anataram performed by Gopika Varma, Suhasini Maniratnam, Krithika Subramanium and Yamini Reddy

Radha Reddy has always been one of my favourite dancers. The quality of her abhinaya is very special, imbued with a grace and gentle charm that crackles with sensuality.

Review By Suparna Sharma

Mummy! Bachao!

Old Bombay-Delhi battles used to go like this. Delhi : Look at our wide roads, our grand homes, our lovely winter. Bombay: You are an overgrown village. This then changed to —

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is developing the habit of responding only to prodding of the presidential variety. The credit for securing the first response goes to American President Barack Obama.