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Cops deny 'Katti Batti' makers permission to host kissing contest


The makers decided to host a promotional activity in a college campus


Nicki calls out Miley

Catty:  Nicki ended one feud and began another at the show

Nicki Minaj appeared to have cleared things up with Taylor Swift when the duo performed together at the start of the awards ceremony, but then went on to pick a fight with someone else — host, Miley C


Sponsored festivals a blessing

Ghalib’s Chiragh e Dair, an ode to the spirit of secularism, plurality and co-existence of cultures that defines Indianness

As a member of the audience it is phenomenal that virtually all programmes in Delhi are sponsored and free

Review By Suparna Sharma

The ghost who must take a walk

As frenzy over a young girl’s presumed murder three years ago gripped the media, I wracked my brains to think if I had ever met Sheena Bora while visiting my son when he lived in Bandra, Mumbai.

A great Zen master, in charge of the monastery of Mayu Kagi, owned a cat, who was the real love of his life.