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Movie Reviews

The Zookeeper’s Wife movie review: The sanitisation of the Holocaust

The Jews are not given a voice; not once do they articulate their experience at the ghettos.

22 Apr 2017 1:57 AM

Sonata movie review: There’s no melody in this sonata

The acting by all three —Shabana Azmi, Aparna Sen, Lillette Dubey — is average.

22 Apr 2017 1:51 AM

Maatr movie review: Clumsily expressed tale of a grave subject!

The dialogues and the facile depiction of power, justice and revenge sound fake and even laughable at times.

22 Apr 2017 1:41 AM

Noor movie review: Sinha shines in a disappointing tale

Sinha is splendid, except when she is being consciously cute in this disappointingly shallow movie.

22 Apr 2017 1:33 AM

Smurfs-The Lost Village review: The innocence of Smurf clan is therapeutic!

The best aspect of this cuteness-laden plot is that it is so mushy that you will begin to love it.

21 Apr 2017 3:53 PM

Maatr movie review: Raveena Tandon's performance steals the show

Raveena's screen presence, personality, the way she projects her character, her facial expressions are top notch.

20 Apr 2017 4:34 PM

The Fate of the Furious movie review: The story loses the plot...

One of these decades, Dom and company will be saving the world in turbo-powered wheelchairs.

15 Apr 2017 1:42 AM

Begum Jaan movie review: Pout, pose, overact!

Vidya Balan’s performance as Begum Jaan is powerful, but it’s also one that, in a slightly better film.

15 Apr 2017 1:38 AM

Pa Paandi review: Dhanush renders an emotionally pleasing film

The superstar-turned-director has rendered an emotionally pleasing drama without taking any cinematic liberties.

14 Apr 2017 10:30 AM

Begum Jaan movie review: A story of forced rebellion executed in a clumsy fashion

Watch ‘Begum Jaan’ for Vidya Balan's impressive performance but don't expect it to be a masterpiece!

14 Apr 2017 9:24 AM