Tuesday, Apr 25, 2017 | Last Update : 11:52 PM IST


Drake trying to woo Rihanna back with flowers and gifts?

The R&B star is holding his heart for the 'Anti' songstress, while she is not interested in taking him back.

25 Apr 2017 12:50 PM

'The best is yet to come': Justin Bieber feels his troubled life is behind him

This weekend, the pop star took some time to reflect upon his once troubled days, which according to him, are long behind him.

25 Apr 2017 9:53 AM

Finding the Divine in classical music

Every year, the festival also encourages local artists, young artists and even senior artists who are not commercially popular.

25 Apr 2017 2:05 AM

Hamsadhwani notes with Vignesh...

Coming back to Hamsadhwani, my personal favourite in this raga is Paahi Sripathe by the fascinating king-composer Swati Tirunal.

25 Apr 2017 2:03 AM

Vinyl is no longer the useless relic from past

Vinyl enthusiasts such as Elton John, who has done promotions for Record Store Day, insist the medium offers a superior listening experience

25 Apr 2017 2:01 AM

Bappi Lahiri Conquers Hollywood

Bappi says he is most excited about the inclusion of his dance track Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baba in the trailer of Guardians Of The Galaxy 2.

25 Apr 2017 12:11 AM

A collaboration across borders

Niranjana’s dream venture brings different art forms together against a musical backdrop and is slowly gaining shape, one raga at a time.

25 Apr 2017 12:11 AM

Rihanna’s Insta-shoutout to Queen Elizabeth II is too funny

A day after Queen Elizabeth II's 91st birthday, Rihanna gave an Insta-shoutout to the monarch in her own way.

23 Apr 2017 3:57 PM

Let the good times roll, responsibly!

Experts propose ways to educate, introduce and pass on the wisdom about smoking and alcohol to the next generation.

21 Apr 2017 12:11 AM

Unsexy... and owning it

Rapper Sofia Ashraf’s latest video is a self-deprecating take on why she can’t ‘do sexy’— and that it’s okay to stop caring finally!

20 Apr 2017 12:53 PM