Friday, Jun 22, 2018 | Last Update : 03:37 AM IST


Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupts and destroys 26 homes

More than 1,700 residents who have been evacuated were allowed to briefly return to gather medicine, pets, and other necessities.

07 May 2018 12:23 PM

NASA launches InSight spacecraft to Mars to dig down deep

InSight will dig deeper into Mars than ever before — nearly 16 feet, or 5 metres — to take the planet’s temperature.

06 May 2018 8:57 AM

Spacecraft for detecting 'Marsquakes' set for rare California launch

The Mars InSight probe is due for liftoff on Saturday before dawn from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

05 May 2018 9:26 AM

NASA spacecraft will have company all the way to Mars

Atlas V rocket set to launch early morning from California with the Mars InSight lander.

05 May 2018 9:17 AM

Vanuatu plans to permanently evacuate entire volcanic island

Already hundreds of people have moved to temporary shelters on parts of the island that are not so affected by the ash.

04 May 2018 8:54 AM

Historians name 2 Indian Ocean 19th century shipwrecks

The museum’s examination of the images of the scattered remnants found it was possibly the brig W. Gordon or the barque Magdala.

04 May 2018 8:34 AM

ExoMars Rover prepares for shake down ahead of Mars trip

If the 2020 mission goes to plan it would be Europe’s first rover on Mars.

28 Apr 2018 9:21 AM

Scientists shocked as NASA cuts only moon rover

It would have been the first US lunar lander since Apollo 17 in 1972.

28 Apr 2018 9:18 AM

Europe launches seventh Sentinel Earth observation satellite

It will join its twin Sentinel-3A, which has been in orbit since 2016, to collect data on sea surface temperature.

26 Apr 2018 2:28 PM

Colossal cosmic collision alters understanding of early universe

The collision detected a pile-up of 14 galaxies, which are 90 per cent away across the observable universe.

26 Apr 2018 10:18 AM