Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. (Photo: videograb)

Modi’s government faces a major test today that could wreck the leader's promises of ‘Acche Din’

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley with MoS for Finance Jayant Sinha and other officials giving final touch to the budget in New Delh

"Let us stop unnecessary expenditure so that money can reach the poor," said Narendra Modi (Image credit: AP)

Finance minister Arun Jaitley gives the final touches to the annual Budget in New Delhi on Friday. — PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi embraces PDP patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed in New Delhi on Friday. — PTI

Blogger Avijit Roy’s wife Rafida Ahmed Banna is carried on a stretcher at Dhaka Medical College Hospital on Friday. — AFP

PM Modi's Maldives trip under shadow due to unrest


Second Hindu temple vandalised in Washington

A Hindu temple in the US has been vandalised with several windows broken and the word “fear” painted on its wall, the second such incident in America’s Washington state this month.


The top secret giants

A New York firm, which doesn’t even have a website, is pumping in thousands of crores in investment into India, and could change the venture capital scene here


City air quality violates prescribed norms

Even as air pollution levels in the city remain a serious health risk and concerns continue over the deteriorating air quality, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has said that air quality in


‘Belief can be as powerful as nicotine effect’

Belief alone may erase or enhance the effects of nicotine in people under the influence of the active drug, a new study suggests.


RCA has right to attend AGM, says Lawyer

Despite being suspended by the BCCI, the Rajasthan Cricket Association has claimed that it has the right to be a part of the crucial AGM to be held on March 2 in Chennai.


Encouraging ‘ghar wapsi’?

The verdict of a two-judge Supreme Court bench on Thursday on the question of re-conversion to Hinduism from Christianity, and the link of such a phenomenon with quota benefits, beggars the imaginatio

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Adieu, blog-gone erotica

Come March, and a massive crackdown by Google on Blogger, its popular global blogging community, will effectively ban all ‘mature’ creative ...

“It’s always time to say goodbye Said the spider to the fly As he wove his tangled web With a crocodile tear in his eye. It’s easier jumping over the moon Sang the cow to a feline tune

In the ever-changing political and economic scenario, seismic changes take place in the corporate world.