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Global shares post best week since mid-2013 after earnings boost

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Solid US corporate results bolstered shares over the week

Google's Pichai to oversee major products and services

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Maps, Google+, commerce, advertising and infrastructure will be handled by Sundar Pichai

Irda slaps fine on ICICI Lombard

Insurance sector regulator Irda has slapped a penalty of Rs 50 lakh on general insurer ICICI Lombard for violating various norms during financia years FY 2011, FY 2012, FY 2013 and FY 2014.

Mumbai University has 12 billionaires


University of Mumbai ranks 9th in list of rich alumni schools

Ram Vilas Paswan for hike in duty on edible oil

Ram Vilas Paswan

Food minister Ram Vilas Paswan on Friday met fin-ance minister Arun Jaitley and discussed the issue of raising import duty on crude and refined edible oils to restrict cheap imports and protect domest

Finance ministry clears 20 FDI proposals

Finance ministry has cleared 20 small-ticket FDI proposals which will lead to inflow of `988 crore into the country. domain sold for $200,000

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Ralph Nader urges Apple to reduce buybacks, improve wages – WSJ


‘Poverty wages and harmful conditions are a consequence of tolerating outrageous stock buybacks’

Reuters Poll - India's growth pace to pick up as reforms draw investment


India's economy will likely grow at its fastest pace in two years

After four hours of driving, we should have been in the middle of Dartmoor. And yet we were not.

During Gen Pervez Musharraf’s time a television host asked Benazir Bhutto (BB) about the low attendance at the Pakistan People’s Party jalsas that had just taken place.