Friday, Jan 18, 2019 | Last Update : 01:51 PM IST


Tech firm Sigfox develops tiny tracker to help fight rhino poaching

The global number of rhinos dwindled to about 20,000 a decade ago due to relentless poaching.

01 Jan 2019 4:10 PM

NASA probe nears distant space rock for landmark flyby

At 12:33 a.m. Eastern time, the New Horizons probe will arrive at the “third zone” in the uncharted heart of the Kuiper Belt.

01 Jan 2019 1:38 PM

NASA spaceship zooms toward farthest world ever photographed

The US space agency will ring in the New Year with a live online broadcast to mark historic flyby of the mysterious object.

31 Dec 2018 1:37 PM

Researchers studying bone regrowth earns USD 2M military grant

The five-year grant from the Department of Defence will fund the study of regenerating segments of missing bone.

31 Dec 2018 9:42 AM

Edit baby genes for health, not smarts

People are torn between the medical promise of a technology powerful enough to alter human heredity.

31 Dec 2018 9:23 AM

World's first single-use plastic free passenger flight takes off

The flight took off on Wednesday from Lisbon to Natale, Brazil, without a single piece of single-use plastic on board.

30 Dec 2018 5:53 PM

Third prototype of China's C919 jet completes first test flight

The C919 is widely regarded as a symbol of China’s civil aerospace ambition.

30 Dec 2018 12:41 PM

China probe readies to land on dark side of the moon

The probe, the Chang’e-4, entered a planned orbit on Sunday “to prepare for the first-ever soft landing on the far side of the moon.”

30 Dec 2018 12:23 PM

US OneWeb satellite service has not offered stake to Russia

Russia’s Federal Security Service said it was against the OneWeb’s project to bring internet access to remote parts of the country.

30 Dec 2018 11:32 AM

NASA spaceship closes in on distant world

The spacecraft's closest approach to this primitive space rock comes January 1 at 12:33 am ET (0533 GMT).

29 Dec 2018 2:29 PM