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A scribe’s diary sans ‘exclusives’


What the book and the author scores with is the simple, lucid writing, the presentation, and, above all, the ability to edit it perfectly without becoming plodding, pontificating or pompous

Playing with the unexplored


Debutant author Ananth, whose erotic novel Play With Me has hit shelves across the country, has chosen a genre that’s almost completely unexplored in India. In conversation with Jamie Mullick, Ananth talks about his book, the paucity of good Indian books on pleasure, how he ventured into writing, his love for photography, Ayn Rand, among other things.

A tale of love and lust

Ananth Padmanabhan, who works in the  publishing industry, has now penned his debut novel Play With Me

The dynamic between matters of the heart and matters purely of pleasure is at the core of Ananth Padmanabhan’s debut novel, Play With Me

Realistic dose of fiction


In the 1990’s, there were around 8,000 registered custodial disappearances in Kashmir.

Encounters with death

Pia Padukone

After narrowly escaping death thrice, Pia Padukone decided to write a book drawn from her personal experiences

From Shrimatiji to Nasreen

The news of Marvel Comics’ two superheroes —Thor and Captain America — all set to become female and African-American, respectively, in new spin-offs brought to mind superhero variations, which led to a quest to find Asian female superheroes. What followed was quite interesting.

Bringing up the body with a queer pitch

Myths are the secret codes of cultures and societies, symbolic stories in which lost cultural histories are traced and multiple meanings discovered. The myth remains the same, but histories keep changing and different people lay claim to the same stories.

Functioning of the dysfunctional

The Sleepwalker’s  Guide to Dancing
Rs 599

It’s hard to pigeon-hole Mira Jacob’s debut novel, A Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing. You could say it’s a diaspora novel of the Jhumpa Lahiri type since it’s about a family of Syrian Christians, the Eapens, from Salem, Tamil Nadu, settled in America, with the mother dying to go back “home”, the father determined to forget the family he left behind him and the two kids growing up American but conscious of their Indian roots.

Desi graphic superheroes


While graphic novels about the adventures of caped and masked crusaders from the West will always be popular, Indian superhero titles are finding their own fan following.

If elections come, can conspiracy theories be far behind? With bypolls around the corner, Uttar Pradesh is abuzz with talk of a sinister plot of young Hindu women being tricked into marriage by Muslim men, and made to convert to Islam. Over the past week there has been a flood of reports about “love jihad”.

Peace is at the best of times a tenuous proposition in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Even as the world hopes the new indefinite ceasefire that has brought 50 days of bloodshed to an end will last, the real causes of the conflict have been put to the side, rather than resolved.