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Love in the glow of nostalgia

Before reviewing Poonam Saxena’s English translation of Dharamvir Bharati’s novel Gunahon ka Devta, I decided to re-read the Hindi original, which I had last read in college. What I remembered was a hyper-romantic story about thwarted love, one so melodramatic that I had trouble believing any of it, even as a gullible undergraduate.

The things in which we linger

Reading Wallflowers, the impressive debut collection of short stories by Eliza Robertson, is a slightly painful experience. Not because of any fault in the prose, she is pitch perfect in the way she externalises her characters’ thoughts. Nor does it have to do with a flaw in pace or plotting.

Epicentre of the epidemic

Dr. Ishrat Syed

Room 000 is a non-fiction account of The Bombay Plague of 1896 which killed around 20 million people in the city in a span of two decades

Who got away with Gandhi’s murder?

It is rather strange that the most regrettable assassination in the immediate aftermath of Independence has been a rarely discussed topic in India. Although the possibility of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination was in the air for quite some time as several attempts had been made on his life since 1934, these grew in intensity around the time of Partition and Independence.

Nobility alone is not enough

Nobility has been much on my mind lately. Not in terms of aristocracy (though I admit I’m hooked to Downton Abbey), but in terms of superiority of spirit. Giving up something for someone else. Rushing to a person’s rescue no matter how it affects your life.

‘I am living the dream’


After his successful Shiva trilogy, Amish Tripathi has announced his new book, Scion of Ikshvaku, which marks the first of his Ram Chandra series

Story of India and Pakistan and what would have been

 Where Borders Bleed: An Insider’s Account of Indo-Pakistani Relations By Rajiv Dogra Rupa Publications, pp. 288, Rs 500

For men and women of a certain generation, assessments of Indo-Pakistani relations have a pattern about them. The wounds of Partition have not healed.

Real story behind India’s rise

Recasting India By Hindol Sengupta Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 239,  Rs 355

Recasting India is about how a set of exceptional individuals, ideas are catalysing social and economic changes in India

The Narendra Modi government has suspended the registration of Greenpeace India under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010, (FCRA) for 180 days, preventing it from receiving any foreign funds

The Hindu Council UK has prepared its own “manifesto”, a list of demands submitted to political parties ahead of next month’s elections in the United Kingdom.