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‘I love playing guessing games with readers’

Ganga Bharani

Ganga Bharani is a technical analyst by profession, and writer and avid blogger by passion. Her debut novel Just You, Secret and Me garnered great reviews and sold more than 5,000 copies.

Anu-sual account

Anu Aggarwal

Aashiqui girl Anu Aggarwal pens an autobiographical story about her life before and after a near-death experience

Inhabitors of the Great Field

The Field of the  Cloth of Gold
Bloomsbury, Rs 399

It is very seldom that I read a book in one sitting. It is even more seldom that I love a book but am stumped at the thought of reviewing it.

All about Scout’s honour

Go Set a Watchman
Penguin,Rs 799

What do you do for an encore when your first published novel is an instant bestseller and hailed as a classic? Simple, thought Nelle Harper Lee. Disappear from public gaze.

‘Classifying books in a genre restricts readership’

Bhaavna Arora

Bhaavna Arora resents being a slave to the ordinary. She has a BEd degree, a double MBA, as well as a PhD from Pittsford University, USA, to her credit.

Surreality check

Arjun Gaind

Arjun Gaind’s graphic novel Empire of Blood deals with a question — what if the British had never left India? As the question is answered, what emerges is a surreal satire of the class system in the country

Getting into the superhero groove

Paul Rudd (Photo: AP)

Playing a superhero and beating baddies to a pulp may be the dream of every actor on the planet.

Humanising statistical lives

Breaking Through: India’s Stories of Beating the Odds on Poverty
Rs 395

Economist Thomas Schelling won the Nobel prize in economics in 2005. In his work he has put forward the concept of an “identified life”. Schelling explains this in his book Choice and Consequence: Perspectives of an Errant Economist: “Let a six-year-old girl with brown hair need thousands of dollars for an operation that will prolong her life until Christmas, and the post office will be swamped with nickels and dimes to save her.

Punjab is back in the headlines with a brutality reminiscent of the violent Eighties. In the early hours of July 27, three gunmen dressed in Army uniforms struck at Gurdaspur.

Yasmina Reza’s God of Carnage — playing in Mumbai and Delhi — makes us laugh at ourselves by stripping bare the self-serving hypocrisy underlying socially acceptable roles.