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Book review: A tale of unconditional love in the purgatory

The plot of the book is quicksand terrain — one never knows what is going to rise from or sink into its menacing depths.

19 Feb 2017 2:04 AM

Book review: A delightful chronicle of Test cricket

Each of the Tests covered is a tale of valour and heroism — win, lose or draw.

19 Feb 2017 2:03 AM

Pullman reveals His Dark Materials follow-up

The new book begins a decade before the start of the original trilogy, but Pullman says it’s not a prequel. Nor is it a sequel.

17 Feb 2017 2:34 AM

A walk through history, revisiting a grand old city

Liddle’s love for the Old City comes through clearly in this book heightened by a wealth of research from different sources.

15 Feb 2017 12:16 AM

The soul of Sufism

Pakistani author Reema Abbasi spreads the message of unity and love by Khwaja Moeenuddin Chishti in her latest book.

15 Feb 2017 12:13 AM

Blogger Kalyan trails best of Indian street food in his book

Titled The Travelling Belly the book penned by food blogger Kalyan Karmakar is a delectable journey across 11 Indian cities.

10 Feb 2017 2:23 AM

Tales of love at a stressful time

A collection of excerpts from S. Nihal Singh’s Love in the Time of Emergency.

10 Feb 2017 2:16 AM

Dark tale of love

There is this mysterious girl who follows him everywhere and seduces him the way it is done in his novels.

08 Feb 2017 12:42 AM

An ordinary life in a century of great change

In an interview, Anand talks about his book, and the process behind penning it.

08 Feb 2017 12:30 AM

Book review: To be gay and sad in small-town India

The story “Bed Bug” is about his friend Shankar Gowda, a transsexual treated like dirt by the same heterosexual men.

05 Feb 2017 12:55 AM