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Book Reviews

Cocktail of conspiracy


Sriram Karri takes up our country’s troubled politics and history to pen a book that covers a spectacular amount of ground — everything from the Emergency, the Sikh riots, the Mandal mayhem to Godhra riots

A writer by luck

Amish Tripathi

Everyone knows Amish Tripathi as the immensely popular author of the Shiva trilogy that has sold over two million copies and which will soon be turned into a movie by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions.

TRPs, profits & the news business

Behind A Billion Screens: What Television Tells Us About Modern India
Rs 699

For an industry of its size, reach and profile, the television business in India has not been closely examined by academics in a serious way.

Terror that thrills

He has only written two books so far, but I can say this with complete confidence: no matter how many books Omar Shahid Hamid writes, he will never fail to give you an ending you never, in your wildest dreams, expected.

How mind-boxes are formed


Sociologist George Herbert Mead, while writing about the process of socialisation, identified ‘the significant other’ as the first major influence in terms of the way the child is taught to think and to behave before a
transition is made, much later, to ‘the generalised other’

‘I love playing guessing games with readers’

Ganga Bharani

Ganga Bharani is a technical analyst by profession, and writer and avid blogger by passion. Her debut novel Just You, Secret and Me garnered great reviews and sold more than 5,000 copies.

Anu-sual account

Anu Aggarwal

Aashiqui girl Anu Aggarwal pens an autobiographical story about her life before and after a near-death experience

All about Scout’s honour

Go Set a Watchman
Penguin,Rs 799

What do you do for an encore when your first published novel is an instant bestseller and hailed as a classic? Simple, thought Nelle Harper Lee. Disappear from public gaze.

Inhabitors of the Great Field

The Field of the  Cloth of Gold
Bloomsbury, Rs 399

It is very seldom that I read a book in one sitting. It is even more seldom that I love a book but am stumped at the thought of reviewing it.

Death penalty is barbaric and inhuman in its effect, mental and physical upon the condemned man and is positively cruel.

What often goes unnoticed is the fact that the genesis of Kashmir (commonly known as Jammu and Kashmir) is linked to 565 princely states, which became independent along with the birth of two sovereign