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The Britons who did their bit for India


Did you know that as far back asthe 1850s, a British engineer had chalked out a plan to linkall the major rivers in India or that it was an Englishman who mastered Sanskrit and translated Kalidasa’s w

5 stories slanted towards feminism

Simla Paintings and other stories by Rita Joshi Khimta, Heritage Publishers, pp. 188, Rs 250

Ideas in a story, said Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges, are not important. “A writer should be judged by the enjoyment he gives and by the emotions he give,” he observed.

Tree and king on a fantastical adventure


A king who has never travelled and a tree tired of being rooted set out to wander the world with the help of a mind mender — Lavanya Regunathan Fischer in her book One Tree, One King and The Open Road

Aurangzeb in love

(Photo: AR Anser)

Aditi Mukherjee’s debut novel The Last Mughal Warrior in Love shows Aurangzeb, the tainted warrior in a completely different light

A capital shame that lingers, still

1984: The Anti-Sikh Violence and After
Rs 499

As a journalist, Sanjay Suri is well-situated to add to the growing number of volumes that deal with the orchestrated violence against the Sikhs in Delhi in 1984. As he reminds you, he was there.

Spying on Machiavelli & the forest clown

Jungle Folk
Rs 295

My summer afternoons are often made sanguine by the low whistling trill of a treepie that perches on the guava tree outside my window.

As the compelling and crazy Sheena Bora murder case unfolds before us, detail by bizarre detail, the main focus remains on the prime murder accused Indrani Mukerjea.

Former Bharatiya Janata Party leader K.N. Govindacharya did not have many visitors when he was staying in New Delhi’s elite V.P. House, home and office to many parliamentarians and parties.