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Tangled web of fate, destiny and desire

Debutante author Prita Warrier’s book Circle of Fate revolves around the life of one Devaki, an ageing widow living in a village in Kerala, and her US-return granddaughter Sheela, who is keen on disco

Hyphenated identity

(Photo Credit: Gaurav Vaz)

Conflicting cultures not only created a fair amount of identity crisis in young Tanuja, but also gave her the idea for her first book, Born Confused that became a runaway hit. with a flair for writing, singing and everything lyrical, author Tanuja Desai Hidier talks about what makes her tick

The rise & rise of men in blue

Cricket World Cup: The Indian Challenge
Rs 499

Before Harsha Bhogle there was Ashis Ray. He was the only Asian ball-by-ball commentator on BBC’s coverage of the 1979 and 1983 Cricket World Cup. Ashis Ray is the seniormost active Indian broadcaster and writer on cricket.

Super Sikh to the rescue!

Describing how hard it is for children today to live with good values, Eileen Alden — one-half of the creators of Super Sikh — describes Deep Singh, the 20-something turbaned superhero as a cross between Batman and Jason Bourne.

Snap judgment, with elan

A newspaper column is, by definition, something current and immediate. The writer gets an opportunity to offer instant analysis on a matter that is in the news, thus helping shape opinions and perceptions. It is an enviable job.

‘Compactness has its own allure’

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A self-professed bibliophile and a language enthusiast, Shivangi Ramsay’s latest Straight from a Lover’s Heart is her first short story anthology, post her debut novel.

Glitzerland decoded

Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira  (Photo: Vishav)

After proving his mettle as an actor, singer, lyricist, Ayushmann Khurrana turns writer with a book co-authored with his wife Tahira

Thrills of the subversive kind

Kiran Nagarkar is known for his path-breaking fiction in Marathi and English. A recent newspaper survey found that Ravan & Eddie and Cuckold were counted amongst the finest fictional works written by an Indian, while Khushwant Singh said that Cuckold was the best Indian novel written.

Be in charge of your good luck


In his first non-fiction foray, bestselling author Ashwin Sanghi demysitifies the idea of luck as something elusive and beyond our control

When a 71-year-old nun, who has dedicated her life to the service of society, is gangraped, it becomes a symbol of our collective shame.

The recent crisis in the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has cynics chuckling quietly to themselves. They insist that ideals and utopias are alien to politics.