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Retracing Rao’s orality

Rs 299

I was an undergraduate when I first read Raja Rao’s Serpent and the Rope and can still remember the strange frisson I experienced then. It lasted many days and, ever since, I have tried to understand the meaning of that experience.

The fulfilment of a prophecy

If Truth Be Told: A Monk’s Memoir
Rs 499

Given the fact that authentic, experiential accounts of the lives of spiritual seekers and adepts, especially those written by their own hand, are so rare, If Truth Be Told is a unique book.

Why Spanish publishers are thinking small

Jan Marti, founder of Spanish publisher Blackie Books.

Specialising in forgotten literary gems and little-known writers, small independent publishers are flourishing in Spain while the big houses are forced to merge to survive.

A tale of devastation of adolescence

AMRITA T 1 5D4B4806.jpg

Amrita Tripathi calls herself, and most of her “tribe”, “urban warrior”. That should refer to most independent women living in Delhi, television journalists included.

Art of the steal


Robert M. Edsel, whose book has been turned into a motion picture by George Clooney, on the need to tell the untold story of the repatriation of stolen cultural heritage

Back to the days of good ol’ satire

 Nirmala & Normala by Sowmya Rajendran & Niveditha Subramaniam, Penguin, Rs 299

Nirmala & Normala is different from the word go (read its title.) It treats a cliche set up of a story of twins and never looks back. And the reader doesn’t either, because it is a page-turner.

Delhi will lose the literary war

She will build him a city, by Raj Kamal Jha, Bloomsbury, Rs 599

There is only one word to describe Raj Kamal Jha’s latest novel: pretentious. It ought to have been titled “He Will Write Us a Shitty”.

Read hot dudes

Model Amit Ranjan feels reading reflects one’s personality and sensibilities

An Instagram account #hotdudesreading is zooming in on how goodlooking men reading a good book add up to a smoking hot picture

Cricket transition captured

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the current captain of the Indian cricket team in the limited-overs format.

A young writer with an abiding interest in cricket has come out with a very readable book on the new stars of Indian cricket.

The devil, they say, is in the details. There is a world of difference between the Budget speech of Arun Jaitley, peppered with smart announcements, and the real numbers in the Budget documents.

“It’s always time to say goodbye Said the spider to the fly As he wove his tangled web With a crocodile tear in his eye. It’s easier jumping over the moon Sang the cow to a feline tune