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In Burton’s Miniaturist, a house is ‘real’ life

Jessie Burton thought small when she wrote her debut novel, but much to her surprise it’s been sold in 30 countries and, during one heady week in August, shifted more copies than J.K.

The forgotten corps of the Forgotten Army

Japanese soldiers enter Burma during World War II.

The British who fought in Burma became known as the “Forgotten Army” because this was a neglected theatre of the World War II.

‘For a writer, every book is a challenge’


P.G. Bhaskar puts a funny picture of himself in the about-me of his website.

Corporate criminal

Fraudster by R.V. Raman Hachette India  pp. 272, Rs 250

High profile strategic consultant-turned-author R.V. Raman brings an insider’s knowledge to bank fraud in his novel

Brilliantly executed

K.R. Meera

Hangwoman, author K.R. Meera’s tale of the first-ever woman executioner in India, has won praise from readers and reviewers alike

A window into the minds of the masters

Have you read Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, Gunter Grass’ The Tin Drum or Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude?

Sacred & scarred

Believers beware! Here’s a book which read you must. But be sure to tighten your seat belts, keep your air sickness bags handy. For the journey you must embark on — its destination Mecca, after all — is bumpy, full of nasty air-pockets, treacherous, often nauseous.

Memoirs, mysteries & bestsellers

And then one day, he told it all

Bookmark hashtags

Amrita Chowdhury, country head and publishing director of Harlequin India says publishers work towards having a punchy title.

Does hashtagging one-word book titles help authors reach out to readers faster, and does this lead to better sales? Writers and publishers weigh the effectiveness of this new marketing hook

Kashmir’s history is dotted with natural calamities and man-made disasters. And over the centuries the people of Jammu and Kashmir have perfected the art of rising from the ashes. They have seen famines and epidemics, floods and earthquakes, blazes and mayhem, organised violence and massacres, forced and voluntary migrations, incarcerations and worse.