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The battle of the sexes on a tea estate

In case the title isn’t indication enough, this is a book about the big themes. For Love and Honour opens with soldiers of the 3rd Batallion celebrating India’s win at the 1983 cricket World Cup. They are in a deserted airfield in Mizoram and are interrupted mid-way through their celebrations — they have to rush into a counter-insurgency operation.

‘Keep India united if you can...’

Clement Attlee: The Inevitable Prime Minister
£ 25

When “the little man”, as fondly named by Ernest Bevin, or, “a modest man who has much to be modest about,” as derisively described by Winston Churchill, was travelling by the London Underground, a fellow passenger asked him whether people tell him that he was the spitting image of Clement Attlee. The reply was, “Frequently”.

Morrison pens intro for Levi anthology

Toni Morrison

The fall’s most ambitious literary release took 17 years to complete, runs more than 3000 pages, draws upon the talents of more than a dozen translators and has a list price of $100.

Revisiting mythology to rediscover stories lost in time

Utkarsh Patel

Utkarsh Patel is a corporate-professional-turned-mythologist, and now an author.

Crime-busting in Mughal era

Madhulika Liddle

Muzaffar Jang, the 17th century detective, is back in his fourth outing to nab a serial killer

Trying every trick in the book


Trailers, promotional videos, music — authors now leave no stone unturned

Bollywood’s first Bitch-in-Chief

The Patels of Filmindia: Pioneers of Indian Film Journalism
Rs 2,000

First things first. All of us, terminal addicts of Hindi Golden Oldies, owe a huge debt of gratitude to Sidharth Bhatia for this wonderful fix. Sixty years ago, I used to wait eagerly for my father, an avid movie buff, to bring home monthly copies of Filmindia, costing (I think) six annas (37 paise), not exactly cheap in those pre-decimal coinage days — a practice he continued even after he started buying the Bennett Coleman fortnightly Filmfare at the same price.

Life, with all its twirls and squiggles

Henna House
Rs 399

It’s a most uncomfortable feeling when a book induces two strong but completely contradictory reactions in you. For example, when I read Henna House by Nomi Eve, I felt like a thousand-legged worm (if worms have legs) wiggling and squirming as one part of my mind marched off in one direction, while another part headed elsewhere.

The man behind the king

Royina Grewal

Writer and organic farmer Royina Grewal explores the not so known side of Babur as a poet, aesthete and lover, in the first book of her trilogy on mughal kings


Plenty of ink has been spilt on the Prime Minister’s recent visit to California where he received a resounding reception from people of Indian origin and from executives at the helm of some of the wor

Mohammad Akhlaq’s horrific killing in Dadri, in western Uttar Pradesh, just outside Delhi, is an act of infamy.