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Shrouded in intrigue

The Fifth Gospel
Rs 499

Before talking about the book The Fifth Gospel, we need to discuss two issues. First, the four commonly followed Gospels of Christianity, those of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; and second, the Shroud of Turin.

Constructed lives that won’t meld

Even after 20-odd years in journalism (and sometimes things can get very odd indeed), this is something I truly believe: that every person on this planet has a fascinating story.

Exploring the forbidden path

Zaarra Khader

Debutante author Zaarra Khader has hosted radio shows, produced TV shows and even written jingles for advertising campaigns, but the 29-year-old engineer tells us that her main interest was always in

A maze of espionage


Twenty-year-old author Bilal Siddiqi’s debut book is an espionage thriller with a protagonist as magnetic as Bond

Love in the glow of nostalgia

Before reviewing Poonam Saxena’s English translation of Dharamvir Bharati’s novel Gunahon ka Devta, I decided to re-read the Hindi original, which I had last read in college. What I remembered was a hyper-romantic story about thwarted love, one so melodramatic that I had trouble believing any of it, even as a gullible undergraduate.

The things in which we linger

Reading Wallflowers, the impressive debut collection of short stories by Eliza Robertson, is a slightly painful experience. Not because of any fault in the prose, she is pitch perfect in the way she externalises her characters’ thoughts. Nor does it have to do with a flaw in pace or plotting.

‘All humans have shades of grey’

Sujata Rajpal

Sujata Rajpal’s debut novel The Other End of the Corridor is the story about finding one’s strengths in adversities and staying steadfast about one’s dreams.

Epicentre of the epidemic

Dr. Ishrat Syed

Room 000 is a non-fiction account of The Bombay Plague of 1896 which killed around 20 million people in the city in a span of two decades

We are now in the final stages of this general election. On Thursday, May 7, voters will elect a new Parliament. So far the campaign has been curiously lacklustre and timid.

An unquestionably authentic verdict is fundamental as much for democracy as it is for political parties that win with spectacular success.