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A graphic adventure

The cover of Odayan; art work from Odayan II: Yudham; Suhas and Deepak at work on the graphic novel — asian age

A vigilante learned in the martial art of kalaripayuttu is the protagonist of the Odayan series, which has found a sizeable fan following

The conspiracy behind success

Author Nikhil Chandwani while directing his  documentary

For many of us, criticism is a somewhat bitter pill to swallow.

People versus the state

The closing of Samanth Subramanian’s intense investigation into the aftermath of Sri Lanka’s victory over the separatist LTTE is perhaps the best of recent times.

Pulitzer winner poet still at work at age 86

W.S. Merwin

He is 86 years old, his eyesight is failing and much of his recent work reads like a man saying goodbye.

But W.S. Merwin continues to write poems; he cannot help himself.

Lost, never found

Shreyas Rajagopal

In Saltwater, debutant author Shrey chronicles a generation that’s ‘losing it, together, one shiny party at a time’

A dose of bitter truth wrapped up in humour


Manivannan was only ten years old when he wrote his first story but it was laughed at by everybody.

Everyday madness


Written over a span of 30 years, these seven stories share a common theme of derangement

Truly, deeply, madly a writer!

Meghna Pant

Meghna Pant’s first story was published when she was 19! the author, whose collection of short stories titled Happy Birthday was recently longlisted for the frank o’connor award, admits to being ‘madly consumed’ by writing

Courting the supernatural

Rs 350

A lone lover weeping at a grave is melancholy, three lovers in tears at the same grave is just plain awkward. Add a mysterious woman in a burqa, a tight-lipped gravedigger, eerie happenings, heavily tinted black and white illustrations, and you have Annie Zaidi’s latest piece of work, a spare and slim novella called Gulab.

With the foreign secretary level talks between India and Pakistan being iced due to the meeting between Kashmiri separatists and the Pakistani high commissioner, it may be worth recalling an episode from contemporaneous history.

As the old saying goes, “Can you say ‘boo’ to a goose?” Well, in India, we don’t waste our precious time booing geese. We reserve our boos for chief ministers. Each time the Prime Minister steps out to attend important functions in states that are still hanging on to their own non-BJP leaders (with time bombs ticking away), the crowds make sure nobody but Narendra Modi is heard.