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Earthquake: Smaller aftershocks may continue

The 7.3 magnitude earthquake that hit an already devastated Nepal was an aftershock that occurred quite close to the epicentre of the 1934 mega Nepal-Bihar earthquake and experts described it as an ex


Braveheart Bengaluru woman chases, catches molester

A gutsy woman on Monday not only managed to chase her molester, she even nabbed him and handed him over to the police with the help of a good Samaritan and several onlookers who came to her aid.

Pakistan’s ludicrous charge that India’s spy agency RAW is behind the Karachi attack on the Ismaili community maybe laughed out of court here, given that the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed re

Arvind Kejriwal’s transfor-mation from an anti-corruption advocate and street fighter to a shrewd hard-boiled politician is a remarkable Indian political phenomenon without parallel.