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A loose cannon

Mr Trump also referred to Ms Tsai as “President of Taiwan” on Twitter.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Note ban & the art of building narratives...

The government suddenly took out more than 80 per cent of the currency in circulation on November 8.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Of awards, villas & sulking neta

This year the Akhilesh Yadav government conferred the honour on 46 “eminent persons” in March.

Monday, December 05, 2016


Mystic Mantra: Everyone is unique

No two persons or living beings on earth are duplicate entities of each other.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Interview of the Week

Ranjana Kumari

‘Nationalism can’t be enforced and such attempt would lead to tension’

‘Respect for the national flag or national anthem is an emotional feeling, which comes from within’.

Brig. Gurmeet Kanwal (Retd)

‘It’s in Pak’s interest to keep eastern front with India quiet’

The India-Pakistan relationship has touched a new low, says Gurmeet Kanwal.

Capt. Amarinder Singh, the Punjab Congress president

‘Sidhu has Congress blood in his veins... He thinks and feels like a Congressman’

The Akalis and the Congress have nothing in common. They believe in plundering and looting the people of Punjab, says Amarinder Singh.

Pronab Sen (Photo: Bunny Smith)

‘Demonetisation is not going to curb black money… it’s like an income’

Dr Sen talks about the impact of demonetisation on various sectors of the Indian economy.

The Age Debate

Madhya Pradesh Mahila Congress activists burning an effigy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a protest against demonetisation in Bhopal. (Photo: PTI)

The war against corruption

Demonetisation is not enough to eliminate black money in India.

Digital payments by mobile wallets bring in convenience with a few clicks, tendering exact change, and so on.

Age Debate: E-wallets vs paper?

The demonetisation move has the potential to transform and leapfrog India into one of the most progressive and digital nations globally.

 Supreme Court of India. (Photo: PTI)

Centre can intervene in SYL matter

At one point, the Punjab government even began to acquire land for the construction of the SYL canal.

 Donald Trump. (Photo: AP)

Touch of Trump immaturity

The street demos by the more liberal Democrats, peppered by the presence of school children, will probably be contained quickly enough.

Reporter's Diary

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan (Photo: PTI)

Reporters' Diary: CM accused of plagiarism

Amit Shah knows it quite well how to strike a chord with the heterogeneous crowd gathered at a public rally.

When cats are away...

It is believed that when the cats are away, the mice will play, and that is exactly what is happening in the Uttar Pradesh Congress headquarters in Lucknow these days.


Uttar Pradesh: Poster war rages

Suddenly there is a dearth of those who are proficient in the art of Photoshop in Uttar Pradesh. The onset of the election season has led to a boom in demand for experts in the art of Photoshop.