Friday, Jul 28, 2017 | Last Update : 06:01 AM IST


Mother taught me to be strong, says Neha Saxena

She has been a single parent and working woman but she still managed to give the best that we could ever ask for.

26 Jul 2017 12:17 AM

Parental guidance

The practice of arranging marriages by elders has been fine-tuned over ages.

26 Jul 2017 12:17 AM

Couple claims they can get orgasms simply by hugging

The couple also said that they can climax even without touching each other if one of them gets an orgasm.

24 Jul 2017 5:31 PM

British people have more loyalty for hairdressers than partners

Older Britons are more likely to be faithful to their hairdresser, as 57 percent of over 55s visit the same stylist.

20 Jul 2017 7:48 PM

China blogger highlights generational tensions over marriage

Some singles resort to hiring fake girlfriends and boyfriends through date-for-hire apps and websites

20 Jul 2017 5:07 PM

Sibling bonding is stronger when father is around

New study highlighted how social bonds develop between paternal half-siblings when their shared father is in the vicinity.

19 Jul 2017 4:41 PM

My mom is a support system, says Kanwar Dhillon

She is not only my support system but a support system to my entire family.

19 Jul 2017 12:14 AM

Takes two to tango

In order to impregnate a woman, a man must have at least 20 million sperms per milliliter of semen.

19 Jul 2017 12:14 AM

Women in a man’s world

Men and women were not created equal, they were created differently.

19 Jul 2017 12:14 AM

Did you know humans are hardwired to lean right while kissing?

Over two-thirds of the kiss initiators and kiss recipients turn their heads to the right.

18 Jul 2017 9:38 AM