Monday, Jun 25, 2018 | Last Update : 05:25 PM IST

In Other news

Microsoft Xbox to get Razer's gaming keyboard and mice support

Razer and Microsoft are collaborating to achieve this support by the Windows 10 fall update later this year.

25 Jun 2018 4:16 PM

Uber battles to keep London licence in court appeal

The appeal is due to be heard at Westminster Magistrates’ Court over three days.

25 Jun 2018 3:01 PM

A billion GB of data in 5ml tube: Meet DNA data storage

The whole world’s existing data, when stored in DNA, will be much less than the capacity of a cargo container.

25 Jun 2018 2:32 PM

AI both a boon and bane, feel employees

A global survey finds overall optimism toward AI in the workplace but national differences and worries about privacy and economic equality.

25 Jun 2018 2:17 PM

Narrow focused, short term strategy always fails: Kodak on the Indian TV market

Kodak aims to ensure that they build and scale their offerings in a steady and sustainable manner to ensure customer loyalty.

25 Jun 2018 10:10 AM

Online shoppers can be forced to pay sales tax

Consumers can expect to see sales tax charged on more online purchases, likely over the next year and before the Christmas shopping season.

25 Jun 2018 8:17 AM

Iran coach lambasts overuse of VAR in World Cup

In the past, he was an outspoken proponent, but now he’s seeing problems with the implementation of VAR.

25 Jun 2018 7:52 AM

US plans limits on Chinese investment in US technology firms

The US is also devising plans for “enhanced” export controls to keep such technologies from being shipped to China.

25 Jun 2018 7:52 AM

China's tech giants splash out in cartoon arms race

China’s tech firms are engaged in a cartoon arms race to develop Chinese characters in an animation market expected to hit 216 billion yuan.

25 Jun 2018 7:50 AM

PUBG gets a smaller ‘Fortnite-like’ map with new game mode

Called Sanhok, the new map is smaller yet houses a variety of topological features.

24 Jun 2018 9:12 PM