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Ban Ban! they shot us down!

While the publishers have obeyed the court order, they have also announced that they would defend the case in the courts so that they can reverse it.

22 Aug 2017 12:08 AM

Like India: Profound, mundane, exciting

Alas, it was a mixed fare. Like India itself, the book is profound and mundane, in parts, in parts exciting, edgy, but at others, clichéd and trite.

20 Aug 2017 2:57 AM

An evocative, nostalgic look at old Kolkata

The book happily mixes travel writing with story telling for children.

18 Aug 2017 1:14 AM

Demystificating the strength and glory of the mighty forty

The text is attributed to Tulsidas who also wrote the Ramcharitamanas, another beloved book of wisdom.

16 Aug 2017 12:13 AM

Visions of a nation

Historian and politician Sugata Bose stresses on the need for freedom of speech and expression and the right to quality education.

16 Aug 2017 12:12 AM

Books for the people, by the people

A Mumbaikar has created a free online library on a social media platform. On his off days, he delivers books all over the city for free.

14 Aug 2017 12:04 AM

Book review: Ephron’s Harry and Sally get a desi, modern twist

Matters reach a head when Dimple realises that after this course she goes to Stanford and Rishi’s off to MIT.

13 Aug 2017 2:01 AM

Book review: Walking through Kabul, in the shadow of war

As someone who spent her childhood there, and who is distressed when Afghanistan is imagines as a forsaken wilderness populated by masked bandits,

13 Aug 2017 2:00 AM

Book review: Gripping tale of 25-year-old journo

It was basically divided into a recipe mode: ingredients, batter, heat, eating, coffee and a cig which on hindsight suited Kitty’s culinary passion.

11 Aug 2017 12:30 AM

The love-making scene of the gay couple was a challenge, says Isha Inamdar

The book revolves around NJ, an aspiring DJ, who falls head over heels with her pretend-boyfriend’s brother, Rudea.

09 Aug 2017 12:51 AM