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Journey of self-discovery

New Jersey-based debutante novelist Rupa Bhullar talks about the inspiration and journey behind her first book, The Indigo Sun.

20 Dec 2017 12:08 AM

A journey through unexplored territories

Ram and Deepa also say that understanding and trust is something that makes their team work incredibly well.

19 Dec 2017 12:38 AM

Bollywood films and body images

The “Fat is equal to Funny” equation predates cinema: films just amplified the quality and the feeling.

17 Dec 2017 1:09 AM

Close-to-life characters hold the book

Aza restarts her friendship with Davis with an ulterior motive, but they become good friends soon enough. Perhaps they fall in love as well.

17 Dec 2017 1:08 AM

Ghatotkacha and the magic of inner courage

The book is for 11-14 year olds, but I’m sure even their mothers will love reading it.

17 Dec 2017 1:07 AM

A stirring magical cultural fantasy

Ask the author about the genesis of the book and she quips, “The story was in my mind for several years.

13 Dec 2017 12:08 AM

Exploring new romance

Author, serial entrepreneur and popular speaker, Sachin Garg talks about the release of his new book and his journey so far.

13 Dec 2017 12:08 AM

Struggles to revive the spirit of Austen in Pak

A collection of this kind, celebrating Austen’s 200th death anniversary generates its own taglines.

10 Dec 2017 1:06 AM

A glamorous, readable history of Bollywood

The only cavil I have is its flashy cover, which does not convey the actual, very well-researched and written content!

10 Dec 2017 1:04 AM

‘Fixing the air is everyone’s job, says Sunita Narain

I have had many other American commentators, equally well known, who have come and interviewed me but I have always been censored out.

08 Dec 2017 12:34 AM