Yogi Aggarwal

Yogi Aggarwal

Yogi Aggarwal

Reach out to find champions

India’s pathetic performance at the Rio Olympics has been an occasion to lament about the corruption of our sports administrators, the lack of motivation for our athletes, no proper training, little r

Ushering in GST: A lot is yet to be explained

The Goods and Services Tax Bill has been poised in the Rajya Sabha between the government’s determination to see it through and the Congress’ resolve to block it unless the amendments that it has sugg

Amid crisis in banking, fresh risk for the RBI

In any economy, the banking system is the steel frame that holds it all together.

FDI reforms: A lot of concerns remain

Reform has become the new buzzword. It’s not merely a cliché.

Achche din and data discrepancy

An anomaly is something that deviates from the expected. In nature this can refer to several phenomena that cannot be explained by known natural laws.

A political cash cow?

In these troubled times when the Rightwing is on the offensive, among the many issues that animate their campaigns, none seems more delicate than the move to ban cow slaughter and to make the possessi

Cosmetic changes, nothing substantial

The third Budget of finance minister Arun Jaitley has not been able to live up to the promise of the Economic Survey (ES) released just three days earlier.

Fee the Net of private profit

When a large American Internet company spends close to Rs 100 crore on a massive advertising campaign to push for a free service it is offering users of the Internet, something does not smell right.

FDIs have no merit

Speaking at a leadership summit last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was tentative about his government’s economic performance. He said there is no one right way to make economic progress.

Transfer of cash & responsibility?

The curious thing about subsidies being replaced by the so-called direct cash transfer scheme is that the initiative is unlikely to have the effect the government hopes for and the Opposition fears.

The other day I was thinking of a teacher of mine, who was a strange mix of a philosopher and a sociologist.

Mother Teresa will be officially declared a saint at the Vatican on Sunday, September 4. It was my privilege to be present in Rome for her beatification on October 19, 2003.