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A match made in heaven

Published : Mar 13, 2016, 6:40 am IST
Updated : Mar 13, 2016, 6:40 am IST

Their flawless chemistry easily makes them the most noticeable jodi on television.

Karan Suchak and Yukti Kapoor
 Karan Suchak and Yukti Kapoor
Their flawless chemistry easily makes them the most noticeable jodi on television. The audience too have warmed up in a big way to ‘Lakhmila’ aka Lakshman and Urmila — the newest on screen couple from the mythological show, Siya Ke Ram. In an exclusive conversation from Hyderabad, actors Karan Suchak and Yukti Kapoor tell us what makes Lakshman and Urmila an adorable pair on the tube.

What got you talking when you guys met the first time on the sets


In the beginning, it was a little awkward but with time, we both got along. She’s a fun girl to be around. All eight of us (Ram-Sita and respective siblings) bonded well since we had maximum scenes together and we belong to the same age group.


It was me who broke the ice and spoke to him because I am just how Urmila in Siya Ke Ram is; bubbly and chirpy. I took the initiative to talk to everyone on the set. A common friend played a prank on me by making Karan a journalist who was interviewing me with regards to the show. After this incident, when we met in Hyderabad, we shared a good laugh about this.

What makes your on-screen chemistry work


I believe if you’re playing a couple onscreen, it’s a bit of how both of the actors complement each other. Both Yukti and I are comfortable in each other’s presence, both on and off the screen.


I agree with Karan. When we aren’t shooting, we’re often chilling and clicking pictures and having a good time. If you’re comfortable with each other, it translates on screen and is visible to audience.

Was it awkward filming romantic scenes initially


There haven’t been any romantic scenes per se. We’ve had scenes together only once when Sita’s swayamvar happened. It was a scene where Lakshman and Urmila first meet to get Sita and Ram acquainted to each other. While shooting those sequences, I can say that Urmila brought out Lakshman’s anger remarkably! (laughs)


Romantic scenes haven’t begun yet, though subtly romantic scenes with Urmila blushing as the newly wedded bride were fun to shoot. Being awkward with Karan is impossible because he is an extremely easy person.

Who is a better co-star: you or her Karan: I think it has to be me. I make her feel comfortable and hence we do a good job in our scenes! Yukti: It is definitely Karan. But I think I should get equal credit because I broke the ice between us and got us in a zone where we can work well together. How many times have you burst out laughing while filming a scene Karan: There was this one scene where Urmila tries to get Sita and Ram to meet at a Gauri Temple so they could interact. At that time, there’s a moment when she bumps into Lakshman and drops water on him. He gets really angry with her but she runs away laughing. That scene was really funny because Yukti kept laughing and more so, because I had to be angry while she kept making me laugh. One thing you like about each other Karan: Yukti has an extremely positive vibe. I like that about her. Yukti: Karan is cooperative. He doesn’t crib about petty things. How would you rate each other as co-stars Karan: I’d give Yukti a 9 on 10. Yukti: Karan is a good co-star, so 10 on 10. Who is crazier among you two Karan: Yukti is crazier obviously because I am quite a sane person in comparison to her. Yukti: I am the clear winner. Any annoying habits you’d like to reveal about each other Karan: Yukti is obsessed with her phone. She has it with her all the time. While all of us leave it behind in the vanity, she keeps it around her all the time. I wonder why she does that. (Laughs) Yukti: Karan doesn’t have an annoying habit apart from the fact that he takes a while to open up and when he does, you know you’re in for trouble because this man can really pull your leg and frustrate you. (Laughs) So who takes more retakes Karan: That has to be me. Yukti: Both of us, actually. But the funny part is that Karan keeps saying ‘Sorry! Sorry!’ after every retake. Any particular scene that’s made its way to your heart so far Karan: The first conversation after marriage where Urmila understands Lakshman’s love for Ram is a special scene for me any day. It was not a typical romantic scene but it was intense and both of us brought it out well. Any scene that’s made you wish ‘I wish I had done it better’ Karan: I give my best shot for every take, therefore I hold no regrets in this regard. Yukti: The very first scene that I shot for the show. It was with my onscreen sisters; Sita, Mandvi and Shrutkeerti. I felt I could’ve done the scenes better. What’s your off-screen equation like Karan: Yukti is a fun person to be around with and so we talk, talk and keep talking apart from when she’s on her phone! Yukti: We get along really well and talk like two long lost friends. We have a lot in common, so we have a good time.

Any interesting fan comment on your jodi that caught your eye Karan: Fans love to see ‘Lakshmila’ together. I think this adulation is quite touching. Yukti: There is a special page on Twitter and Instagram called Official Lakshmila. The curators of the account often create edits from our scenes together and keep posting them. They say that they’d like to see us more on TV. Who is crazier among the two of you Karan: Yukti because she is on the phone all the time. Yukti: Me, of course. Where are you most likely to be found during breaks on the set Karan: With my on screen brothers, chilling and playing cards. Yukti: Having green tea and chatting with my co-stars. So, who is the jagga jasoos on the set who gets all the gossip — you or her Karan: Yukti. Yukti: Both. But I get more gossip, because I am very nosy.

Rapid Fire: Your favourite corner on the set Karan: The badminton ground Yukti: The badminton ground Your favourite food on the set Karan: Boiled eggs with coffee. Yukti: Green tea and toast bread. Your 2 am buddy on the set Karan: Each of us are shooting at that time so we could reach out to anyone. Yukti: Madirakshi. Urmila and Sita too have a special bond and in real life too, we share a good bond. Things you cannot do without Karan: Food. Yukti: My phone. Your favourite pass time on the set Karan: Working out and playing badminton with my co-actors. Yukti: I prefer interacting with the senior actors and gaining more knowledge by their stories. Your stress buster on the set Karan: Coffee Yukti: Coffee Your wildest fantasy Karan: If I get wings I would like to fly the world with my wife. Yukti: Skydiving.