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A parisian fairy tale

Monet’s garden

One of the most picturesque and ancient regions of France, travellers sum up Normandy’s bucolic beauty in three Cs’— cows, camembert (the world famous cheese that originated here) and the countryside.

‘Spa’cious environs to soothe senses


If you are looking for a relaxing vacation abroad, then take a pick from any one of these luxury resorts

A rose-tinted tour


Few reasons why Petra in Jordan is considered as one of the must-see places on the planet

Kashmir’s history is dotted with natural calamities and man-made disasters. And over the centuries the people of Jammu and Kashmir have perfected the art of rising from the ashes. They have seen famines and epidemics, floods and earthquakes, blazes and mayhem, organised violence and massacres, forced and voluntary migrations, incarcerations and worse.