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Most Indian travellers use social media apps when holidaying: survey

 The global study was conducted among 9,200 travellers across 31 countries.

Indian travellers typically spend on an average of two and half hours a day on social media channels.

Ganpatipule: A surprise beyond the cliffs


Offering a breathtaking view from over the cliff, the Ganpatipule beach is a traveller’s treat especially on a rain-soaked day

Most Indians want to fly with Becks, Emma, Bond

Beckham was the 1st choice among British celebrities for flying companion.

When it comes to travelling, Indians are the most family-oriented globally and prefer destinations that offer fun activities for all, according to a British Airways survey.

A verse in the Bhagvad Gita says the common man tries to emulate the actions of leaders of society. If he sees a certain kind of behaviour practised by these leaders he follows it.

First a teenager on board a train in Würzburg who slashed people with an axe, tried to escape and was shot dead by the police.