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The road less travelled


With the clouds hovering about, it’s time to pick your next monsoon trek destination. Here, let us help you...

Silence and the sea

Ruins at Tranquebar

The heat rises as the engine steams off angrily, the Puducherry bus halts at Tranquebar, a small fishing hamlet enroute Karaikal on the Coromandel coast and I set foot on an unfamiliar ground in searc

Chalo Kasol!

Bridge from Kasol to Chalal

Chennai-based photographer Ganesh V went on a trip to Himachal Pradesh. His photo series called ‘Faces’ shows how the people of the region are so deeply rooted in their heritage and tradition.

Don’t knock a man when he is down” is an excellent maxim, and that must be the only reason that the knives are not out for Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Was it complacency? Or did so many of us just not imagine this could possibly happen? For Londoners Brexit bore specially bad tidings, as they had voted to “Remain”.