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Reporter's Diary

Banking on the stars

A senior party leader, however, had some advice to offer to party workers after Mr Shah inaugurated the building.

29 Feb 2016 5:15 AM

An epic ballot war

Clamouring for attention Beni Prasad Verma, a former Union minister and senior Congress leader, is desperately seeking his share of spotlight.

22 Feb 2016 6:38 AM

Hanuman haazir ho!

Another god in the dock

15 Feb 2016 12:36 AM

Cycling for a ticket

Waiting for a director

08 Feb 2016 5:21 AM

Media: The only saviour

The great comeback

01 Feb 2016 12:43 AM

Assam: CM versus PM

Dynasty rules

25 Jan 2016 5:27 AM

A Mahotsav of battles

Tech-Savvy Government

18 Jan 2016 5:37 AM

Jogi, Raman: Taped together

The big story

11 Jan 2016 1:46 AM

Of yagna, grit and tweets

Twitter reporter

04 Jan 2016 3:41 AM

Sushma’s Punjabi Coup

Too nuch fun! With more and more politicians realising the importance of social media, Uttar Pradesh legislators are also trying to connect to their voters through this medium.

28 Dec 2015 4:41 AM