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Dilli Ka Babu: SC on excessive babu ‘bias’

According to the directions, states are required to inform the UPSC of an arising vacancy three months prior to the retirement of the sitting DGP.

24 Feb 2019 12:16 AM

Govts should not out files for partisan ends

No government has a right to dig up old records and publish them for partisan ends.

24 Feb 2019 12:10 AM

Mystic Mantra: Compassion - A divine trait

Compassion is a divine quality and is viewed as the highest moral virtue.

23 Feb 2019 12:55 AM

Why I feel sorry for Priyanka…

Priyanka’s legendary charm and people skills are simply not enough to do the trick.

23 Feb 2019 12:52 AM

India can’t turn off Indus water flow to Pak

The Indus river system has a total drainage area exceeding 11,165,000 sq km

23 Feb 2019 12:49 AM


J&K: Citizens aren’t the enemy; paramilitary jawans victims too

Kashmiris have presented themselves as scapegoats in the confrontation between the military and their dream of a promised homeland.

22 Feb 2019 7:18 AM

Mystic Mantra: A stand on chairs

Biblical imagery of a chair, a seat or a throne signifies honour, authority and reverence.

22 Feb 2019 1:09 AM

Mystic Mantra: Man! Know thyself

Man is composed of body, mind (intellect) and soul.

21 Feb 2019 3:44 AM

To succeed in J&K; Army, police alone not enough

Pakistan’s Deep State is aware of the reluctance of the Indian establishment to do a full reach out and engagement.

21 Feb 2019 12:31 AM

Mystic Mantra: Real happiness is in the ‘real’, not the ‘unreal’ world

This world is considered to be unreal and the atman (the pure divine self) is considered to be real.

20 Feb 2019 3:03 AM


Volatile Kashmir needs careful handling

Finally, the freedom given to the security forces to act is not freedom to make the lives of ordinary people more difficult.

20 Feb 2019 3:03 AM

Hasina’s Rohingya dilemma growing, Delhi must help Dhaka resolve crisis

Muslim refugees many of whom have now spent more than 18 months in the camps.

20 Feb 2019 2:13 AM

Mystic Mantra: Sufi Basant — Mosaic of multiculturalism in India

For Hindus, Basant Panchami is dedicated to Saraswati who is venerated as a deity of wisdom.

19 Feb 2019 5:24 AM

Faulty politics, intel failures led to J&K tragedy

The government and its bailiff in Kashmir, state governor Satya Pal Malik, are yet to take any meaningful deterrent action against the communal gangs.

19 Feb 2019 5:17 AM

Mystic Mantra: The mysterious realisation of advaita

Einstein says that nature is neither solely material nor entirely spiritual.

18 Feb 2019 12:58 AM


UK in thrall over ‘naked’ protests & the return of ‘reformed’ jihadis

More than 6,000 Europeans, men and women, are supposed to have joined the Islamic State’s war, many of them very young.

18 Feb 2019 12:55 AM

MBS’ visit gives India a chance to reshape ties

Both countries are committed to establishing long-term energy ties based on investments and joint ventures.

18 Feb 2019 12:50 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: Mixed-up confusion!

The report requires the NSC’s approval after which the NSSO is supposed to make it public.

17 Feb 2019 7:26 AM

India must calibrate response to Jaish

The suicide bombing is not preferred by LeT because in its particular belief of Islam, which is called Salafi, suicide is a grave sin.

17 Feb 2019 1:09 AM

Mystic Mantra: Spirituality - Not a moral code

There was a yogi sitting in the forest, absolutely blissful, but if people came anywhere near him, he threw stones at them.

16 Feb 2019 12:15 AM