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A befitting tribute to Patel was long overdue

The BJP, which is joined at the hip to the RSS, has internalised a convenient amnesia about what Sardar Patel actually thought of the RSS.

04 Nov 2018 12:05 AM

Bholenath’sbhakt & a Pakistani friend

The Congress president has made highly publicised visits to temples over the past year and has declared himself a “Shiv-bhakt” on several occasions.

04 Nov 2018 12:00 AM

Bigots hold sway across the world: It’s time to act

At the same time, it is important not to get into the habit of lamenting how uniquely bad Pakistan’s problems are.

03 Nov 2018 2:12 AM

Why India’s 20 per cent Club loves the status quo

The CBI is #IASmukt, as is the CVC, whose commissioners are former income-tax, police and bank officials.

03 Nov 2018 2:03 AM

Imran Khan’s finest hour, but can he walk the talk?

Memories were also stoked of how the PTI used similar rhetoric and tactics against their own political opponents during the 2018 elections.

02 Nov 2018 12:05 AM


Why the Sangh needs to bank on Sardar’s legacy

The issue of Patel not being conferred the Bharat Ratna is cited as proof of his undermining.

02 Nov 2018 12:05 AM

Poetry & war: The monstrous anger of guns

The Latin quotation from Horace translates as: It is a sweet and honourable thing to die for one’s country.

01 Nov 2018 6:46 AM

Don’t undermine SC, that would hurt India

The Supreme Court, as every Indian citizen knows, has served as the final word on some of the most important issues facing the country.

01 Nov 2018 12:00 AM

Surprises may loom as Lankan turmoil grows

In the 2015 presidential election, China allegedly funnelled funds to Rajapaksa through its port development budget.

31 Oct 2018 12:16 AM

Oil, rupee, Rafale, CBI: Govt challenges mount

The CBI trouble may be hogging the headlines but it is not the most important issue facing the country, nor does it pose a challenge to the govt.

30 Oct 2018 5:05 AM


Saudi, Erdogan in media war after death of Khashoggi

Granted, it was not a fight between equals, and the mind-boggling incompetence of the Saudis made for easy pickings.

30 Oct 2018 5:02 AM

Imran’s instincts are dragging Pakistan to a dangerous place

Imran has roared his disapproval and shouted his condemnation into every camera he’s found and in every forum he’s ever had.

29 Oct 2018 12:00 AM

Why 2019 can’t be compared with 2004

The parallels and analysis being done and the conclusions being drawn are too simplistic and require a careful study.

29 Oct 2018 12:00 AM

Is CBI a legal entity?

The CBI has no independent standing in law. It is a piece of legal fiction whose underpinnings in law are tenuous to say the least.

28 Oct 2018 5:04 AM

India need not choose between Japan and China

Right now the only countries with the cash reserves to be bankers to India’s plans are China and Japan.

28 Oct 2018 4:52 AM


Amritsar shows us our moral vacuum

The tragedy of Amritsar is that we can get away with the story that no one was responsible in a causal sense.

27 Oct 2018 1:13 AM

Reform the CBI, don’t go for a quick-fix

India has prominent lawyers in private practice, including at the Union level as attorney general and solicitor general.

26 Oct 2018 12:25 AM

PTI should avoid the mistakes of past regimes

Over the decades, the challenge of properly governing Pakistan has been getting heavier by the year.

26 Oct 2018 12:17 AM

Is ‘benevolent mother’ Mamata’s new avatar?

Identity politics, of legitimising the assertion of the majority in terms of its religion, is the BJP’s most effective incursion.

25 Oct 2018 12:34 AM

Electing Bolsonaro is a self-goal for Brazil

Brazil, by far the biggest country in South America, is the world’s fourth largest democracy.

25 Oct 2018 12:31 AM