‘Vino,’ vidi, vici

Uma Chigurupati and Krishna Prasad

This couple is touring the world with their love for good ‘ol wine and wineries

Party nahin chalegi

Picture used for illustrative purposes only.  Photo Courtesy: Raasta, hauz khas village

It’s a 1 AM deadline now for pubs, bars, restaurants and discotheques in the city to shut shop. But will cutting short the fun help cut down late night crime and drunken brawls?

This World Cup, have a ball

This World Cup, have a ball

Our experts tell you how to host the perfect football-themed bash while the Fifa fervour is on

Media reports indicate that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked all ministries to hand him, by August 10, “implementation reports” of the various projects announced by the government in the Budget, so that he can announce these in his August 15, Independence Day speech to the nation.

The technology landscape is undergoing significant changes in the current world, and it is redefining ways in which technology interacts with humans.