Taylor will be godmother to friend Jamie’s baby


Actress Jaime King says singer and close friend Taylor Swift’s “thoughtfullness and kindness” is so effective that she could not think of anyone else as her upcoming baby’s godmother.

Jessica Alba to rent Los Angeles home


It is a great opportunity for Jessica Alba fans to live with her as she is renting out her Los Angeles home with a hope that travellers will find her home cosy and luxurious, it has been reported.

Miley Cyrus shares pic of teeth removal


Miley Cyrus recently got her five teeth removed and shared pictures of the painful procedure on Instagram.

Cate ‘loses temper’ at reporter’s silly query


Cate Blanchett lost her temper on a reporter after he asked her a silly question.

Justin Bieber introduces new puppy Esther


Pop sensation Justin Bieber has introduced his new puppy on Instagram.

Bieber, 21, named his close friend Esther and called it a new member of his family.

Cara Delevingne has a doppelganger


Cara Delevingne may face a tough competition as she now has a model twin named Line Brems and the duo resembles each other.

It has now become apparent to the Narendra Modi government that the manner in which it sought to amend the law relating to acquisition of land is not politically feasible.

If a law has not worked well on the ground, do you toss it out or try and improve its implementation?