Rob, Blac relationship is ‘not healthy’

Reality TV star couple Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are still together despite widespread rumours of a break-up but sources say that the are “not in a great place”.

Kylie Jenner’s fan gets jail

Kylie Jenner

A Kylie Jenner super fan has been given a short-term sentence of 10-days jail time, after he was found guilty of ramming Kylie Jenner’s home’s security gate multiple times back in June.

Selena Gomez enters rehab to deal with depression

AA Selena Gomez.jpeg

The 24-year-old singer is reportedly going to all lengths to get her life back on track.

Tom loves Priyanka Chopra, they were flirting: Michele lets the cat out of the bag

AA Tom Hiddleston and Priyanka Chopra.jpeg

For the unversed, Priyanka and Hiddleston were spotted indulging in some open flirting at this year's Emmy Awards.

Bella and Edward's romance to rekindle? Twilight sequel a possibility

 The first film was released in 2008.

The ‘Twilight’ movie series starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart became a worldwide phenomenon.

Rob Kardashian lashes out at Kylie Jenner, leaks her phone number on Twitter!

 In a series of tweets he shared the phone number of the 19-year-old model. (Photo: Instagram)

Rob shared his half-sister's phone number online to get revenge for not inviting Blac Chyna to their baby shower.

Maj. Gen. Tarique Ahmed Siddique (Retd), the security adviser to Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina, is her go-to man on curbing Islamic fundamentalism in Bangladesh.

The Narendra Modi government is stacking up its “reform credentials”.