Pregnant Megan Fox eats for two!

Megan Fox

Pregnant Megan Fox brought a Buddhist book to read over lunch at New York Bagel Co. in Brentwood.

Beyonce’s concert halted

Singer Beyonce

Singer Beyonce Knowles was forced to halt her show at Raleigh, North Carolina, due to bad weather.

Rita Ora quells Jay Z affair rumours

Rita Ora

Putting to rest all rumours about her affair with rapper Jay Z, Rita Ora posted a selfie with Beyonce and branded her “family” in a Snapchat post taken at the Met Gala.

Kit Harrington apologises to fans

Kit Harrington

Sorry — just sorry? Kit Harrington, if you think a simple admission of guilt will right the betrayal fans all over the world are feeling — then you know nothing, Jon Snow!

Will sue if sex tape with Tyga leaks: Blac Chyna

Rapper Tyga and Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna is ready to go to any extent, including suing, to stop her sex tape with rapper Tyga from coming out in the open.

Justin Bieber’s engagement party for dad

Justin Bieber

Singer Justin Bieber’s father Jeremy Bieber and fiance Chelsea Rebelo hosted a rather unorthodox engagement party, complete with tigers and superheroes at a massive private Toronto estate.

Zij astronomy made its debut in India under the patronage of King Firoz Shah Tughlaq who ruled Delhi from 1351 to 1388.

Humour charms. But is humour that draws attention to one’s flaws a high-risk strategy if you are a prominent politician in this country?