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Pune: 30-year-old unemployed engineer kills parents

Published : Dec 7, 2017, 4:54 am IST
Updated : Dec 7, 2017, 4:56 am IST

The accussed was having psychological problems.

Police arrest Parag Kshirsagar.
 Police arrest Parag Kshirsagar.

Pune: A thirty-year-old man allegedly killed his parents and later tried to harm himself under the influence of alcohol on Wednesday morning in Pune. Earlier, he had a verbal quarrel with his parents over monetary reasons that led to his attack. According to the police, the accused has been having psychological problems for the last several years.

Parag Prakash Kshirsagar, a 30 year-old unemployed engineer, who stayed with his parents and married brother at an apartment at Pate Constructions Society in Pune allegedly killed his father Prakash Kshirsagar (60) with a knife and smothered his mother Asha Kshirsagar (55) with a rope allegedly under the influence of alcohol.

Pratik Kshirsagar, the twin brother of the accused, has lodged an FIR against his brother for killing their parents. The deased father was retired and the  mother was a government employee.

M N Sonawane, assistant police inspector, Vishrambag police station Pune, said, “As per the FIR, every second day he would abuse his parents especially his father over money. Complainant Pratik, who was sleeping with his daughter and wife in his bedroom in their flat heard sound of his mother and brother  at 2.30-3 am. He did not bother to find out what was happening as this drama regularly unfolded at his house. The accused was under the treatment of a psychiatrist and would also go for counselling at an alcohol de-addiction centre.

In the morning at 9 am, Pratik’s wife saw a bloodstained knife. She followed the blood marks and found her father-in- law  lying with cut marks on his throat on his bed. She later found out the body of her mother-in-law with a rope around her neck in the study room. She then called the neighbours who in turn called the police. The accussed has been arrested for murder.

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