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An intimate ‘makeover’

Published : Sep 6, 2017, 12:29 am IST
Updated : Sep 6, 2017, 12:29 am IST

A rejuvenation for the vagina? this is the latest health trend that has got the attention of women.

Farrah Abraham
 Farrah Abraham

Who doesn’t want a rejuvenation? Be it for skin or face, people are happily willing to shell out huge bucks to get it done. Now, the recent entrant that is grabbing eyeballs is — wait for it — vaginal rejuvenation!

A surgical procedure to tighten the vaginal muscles, and improve the appearance and size of the vaginal opening, this procedure is being discussed among women. Recently, reality star and tabloid favourite Farrah Abraham documented her ‘vaginal rejuvenation’ on Instagram and within hours, Google searches for it had sky-rocketed. The 26-year-old star also shared her photo in a clinic with the caption: “Loving my lady parts! #vaginalrejuvenation” (sic).

So, what is the need for a procedure like this? Is it important for today’s Gen Y women to take to it? Plastic surgeons, cosmetic gynaecologists and models talk to us about the fad in detail.

Farrah’s Instagram picture at the clinic Farrah’s Instagram picture at the clinic

Dr Deepa Ganesh, a well-known cosmetic gynecologist, is happy that newsmakers like Farrah are talking openly about such surgeries.

“Nobody knew such procedures existed a couple of years ago. After pregnancy, when women complain of a loose vagina, we suggest kegel exercises that help in tightening the vagina. But now, we have various options. Be it post delivery, aging, and post menopause, women experience vaginal laxity, less lubrication, etc. — and procedures like this will help regain their lost elasticity and rejuvenates the vaginal tissue. Though there is less awareness, women are finally realising the importance of vaginal rejuvenation,” she says.

But plastic surgeon Dr. Karthik Ram begs to differ. He says that in Chennai, people enquiring about the procedure, are very less. “Though women have issues with their vagina, they don’t even discuss it with their spouses and close friends. They still consider it as a taboo to discuss openly. Even if somebody does it, it will be very secretive,” he says.

The surgeon quickly adds, “Moreover, I don’t think it is a necessary surgery. But we can’t predict the future — this might be a prominent procedure in a couple of years. Who knows? But, so far I haven’t gotten many requests.”

Being a cosmetic gynecologist for many years, Dr Deepa adds that women in the south are  secretive about going under the knife.

“In the north, the scenario is different. If a person wants to do some procedure, they will go the clinic and do it without any inhibition. But in the south, women ask the opinion of hundred people and then proceed with it! I am getting a lot of inquiries and have done vaginal rejuvenation procedure to many women in Chennai. But, nobody will talk about it. They consider intimate makeovers as private issues not to be revealed!” she adds.

So, what is the major goal of this procedure? “If there is vaginal laxity, intimacy levels come down and this will lead to less confidence in women. Rejuvenation will strengthen your vaginal muscles and can tone your loose vagina. Once it is regained, women will automatically gain confidence. At the end of the day, it is your body and you have to feel good about it. Why should you suffer when there are a lot of options?” Deepa quips.

An advocate-model from Chennai, Swetha Sridhar mentions that medically, such options could help in transforming people’s lives.

“It is natural to see the evolution of  human beings. You can never be 16 — you’ll mature and grow old. You will definitely have wrinkles one day. So what? You need to learn to embrace your body and beauty. Why should a person try to be 16 when you are 60? I think when you start embracing your body, you start to enjoy it. I am no one to say if vaginal rejuvenation is a must or not. What if the surgery does not give you what you need? You will still feel depressed. Rather than worrying, respect your body and respect the changes that come along with it while you age. One shouldn’t forget that science can do only 40 per cent of what you want. The rest is in your hands,” Swetha says.

Dr. Karthik also explains the pros and cons of the procedure — “If it is a non-invasive procedure, complications are less. But if it is a surgery, sometimes, there will be wound healing issues and sensitive scars. But it will be alright in a couple of months.”

As a parting note, Dr. Deepa urges women to come forward and be open. “We have various treatments for vaginal problems. And I want women to benefit from it, rather than suffer in silence,” she concludes.

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