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Swelling in the stomach caused by rare disorder makes 5-year-old boy look pregnant

Published : Sep 13, 2017, 6:32 pm IST
Updated : Sep 13, 2017, 6:32 pm IST

The disorder caused kidneys to leak filling up his stomach with fluids and made the boy look as if he was about to blow up.

The swelling often leaves him in pain (Photo: Facebook)
 The swelling often leaves him in pain (Photo: Facebook)

Several children are born with rare life altering conditions which can make life a painful ordeal for them. These conditions can also lead to kids undergoing treatment which can restrict them to a lifestyle far from what other children their age enjoy.

A child from Doncaster in England is suffering from a condition that makes him look pregnant as people feel he might blow up. While parents dismissed the condition as excess Christmas weight, it turned out to be a disorder known as the nephritic syndrome.

The disease causes the kidneys to leak which leads to fluids filling up the abdomen leaving the child in pain. The impact is so severe that Mckenzie Watson’s mother says his belly looks like hers just before giving birth.

The parents didn’t realise what had happened to the five-year-old unless they took him to a hospital after swimming trunks won’t fit him. Mckenzie is now going undergoing chemotherapy and his diagnosis requires him to consume steroids every day.

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