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Sartorial suicide

Published : Sep 28, 2013, 2:28 pm IST
Updated : Sep 28, 2013, 2:28 pm IST

That “oops” moment! Once you face it, sadly there’s nowhere to hide. Inevitably you fall flat on your face. In a more refined manner we call it the fashion faux pas.


That “oops” moment! Once you face it, sadly there’s nowhere to hide. Inevitably you fall flat on your face. In a more refined manner we call it the fashion faux pas. Let’s admit we all experience it once if not twice in life. Not just the ordinary wannabe fashion mortals, even the stylish and famous set can commit a fashion blunder. The sight of a peeping bra strap, a visible panty line, that awful trouser and sneaker combination, pairing shorts with stockings, have all earned the notorious distinction of fashion harakiri. But the buck doesn’t stop here. There are many minute and prominent fashion bloopers that can be the ultimate spoiler. To play it safe and save the embarrassments, we turn to fashion experts for some quick advice. Responding to the need of the hour, designer Rajat Tangri focuses on the often neglected part of clothing — inner wear. “An appropriate inner wear support is crucial in dressing and one who is constantly under public glare should realise the importance of clubbing the appropriate inner with designs of different fabrics. Sometimes things go awry, for instance the camel toe was visible on a show stopper at a major fashion event.” Designer Aniket Satam comes up with a warning for the copy cat syndrome. “Pulling off the runway look in ditto format can turn into a major disaster. If not always, certainly most of the time. Don’t be a fashion victim, learn to adapt and interpret instead of aping it all. For a show, we designers try to explore and innovate drama on the ramp, transporting it all to your wardrobe can be an eyesore. Keep in mind, sometimes creativity comes with a ‘do not imitate it at home’ warning.” And, without mincing words, he says, “Recently Kangna Ranaut opted for an exactly similar ‘no eyebrow’ make-up from Gucci Fall 2013 look at a high profile event. Should I add, that screamed disaster!” If there is no balancing act, your entire effort can go for a toss, reveals designer Aditi Holani, adding, “For instance, an overwhelming Indian wear leaves no room for garish jewellery. There should only be one focal point when you put the look together. Do a statement jewellery when the outfit is simple and vice versa.” The designer reads out some of the fashion rules. “Dear readers, it’s just not high street fashion to combine socks with open sandals or peep toes. Also combining too many elements together — prints on prints, colour on colour — is an absolute no-no. You don’t want to look like someone from Cirque du Soleil.” Designer Pragya and Megha single out the “all complementing look” as the ultimate fashion culprit. “When things get too much in sync, it either ends up as boring or bad. It happens when you give your total attention to matching it all and then stand at risk of looking like a freshly painted wall. It is no longer in style to match every feature of one’s wardrobe. In fact, even going for same shade shoes to handbags is now considered passé. Keep your look clean, polished and simple, with a bit of funk thrown in.”