Celebs rock ‘new look’ with recycled clothes


The glamour world is a tough place to survive — here repeating an outfit could be one of your biggest “faux pas,” and if you happen to be a celebrity then probably the mean fashion police would smear you with their nasty remarks and “get a new stylist” recommendations.
However, the current crop of fashion icons like Kate Middleton, Keira Knightley, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha are going all the way to promote the concept of “recycling outfits,” without any shame. We find out from the fashion experts and followers about what makes “repeating” outfits cool.
Vandy Mehra of Study By Janak feels the best way to recycle your old outfit is to accessorise it right. She says, “The best way to add new look to an outfit is by adding accessories or by adding a blazer or waist coat. A long skirt can be worn as an off shoulder dress with a nice choker. A few things that are classics for me are white shirt, black trousers, blue and beige jeans, black dress, French chiffon saris in classic blacks, red and ivory — there is so much you can do with these pieces.”
Delhi-based designer Garima Lohia, who owns the label La Voguette, agrees with Vandy and says that the best to recycle outfits is by keeping them in good condition and investing in classic styles and cuts.
Recycling fashion is a great way of reusing clothing which otherwise one would have to dispose off, opines designer Poonam Bajaj. She says that certain pieces like little black dress can be styled in different ways, classic crisp white shirt and a well-fitted blazer in black colour, will never let you down. On the other hand designer duo Monica and Rajeev Malik like to recycle outfits by changing their length, colour schemes and embellishment patterns. They say, “Drapes are in vogue and they give an outfit a new look. If you have a sleeveless jacket with mirror embellishment, team up with a sari and a bindi — it gives you an ethnic yet glam look.”
However, fashion designer Ekta Dhingra, feels that there are few outfits which are very close to our heart and they never fail to impress. She says, “Few changes like adding a jacket or a shrug to a dress or wearing it with different accessories is a way of doing it. Traditional saris, pencil skirts, shorts, tank tops never go out of fashion.” To which designer Kapil and Mmonika, add, “Recycling is true term which has major role in fashion. Every designer or a non- designer has an emotional attachment with their valuable apparels and accessories. There are many ways to recycle the outfit from our wardrobe. Adding trendy colours and detailing of fabrics give a new touch to the outfit.”
Entrepreneur and socialite Ratika Seth has no qualms in admitting about her recycling outfit habit. She says, “I do not see any harm in repeating clothes that suit me most or get me compliments. But one has to make them look different each time. So if I am wearing my favourite dress on more occasion, then I may team it up with a scarf or a belt that I have not worn with it earlier. I also believe that a different hair-do or makeup changes the entire look. Shoes and clutches also help you look different too. Also, one can repeat off shoulder outfits after six to eight months when the season changes so you can team them up with a shoulder shrug in winters and go bare on the shoulders in summers. It is important to value what you have; therefore I do not think I will discard an outfit only I have worn it once. I would rather give myself a new look each time.”
Socialite Sonal Jindal, too vouches for this and says, “Trends come and go very fast, but clothes are really expensive these days so one should be wise enough to use their fashion sense to make the most out of one outfit. The only one rule I follow is I never repeat the same outfit in the same month. Give a gap of one month to repeat an outfit. For example, you have bought a nice set of a trouser and top and everyone has complimented you, next time, combine the trouser with some other top and carry a different set of accessories with it.”
Actress and model Sheena Chohan, adds, “If I am fond of a particular outfit, I wouldn’t mind wearing it more than once. It’s all about your self confidence. It would be cool to dig out a favourite dress a couple of years after wearing it for the first time. I have a black pair of leggings ,which are my all-time favourite and I often recycle them. Also I love to wear scarfs with my outfits. I once, wore a top made out of dupatta, I love wearing such creative stuff.”

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