Kancha Ilaiah


No one can convert Ambedkar

The 124th Ambedkar Jayanti celebrations on April 14 (leading to the 125th next year) are trying to tran-sform Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar into an acceptable Buddha of our times by totally opposite politica

RSS & the web of idol worship

On the night of March 6, some Sangh Parivar forces vandalised a church in Hisar, Haryana. They removed the Cross, which was erected at the pulpit, and replaced it with a statue of Hanuman.

The problem in RSS’ Hinduism

US President Barack Obama, in his annual breakfast speech, where the world spiritual, social and political leaders congregated on February 5, said, “countries and civilisations would be torn asunder b

AAP victory and baniya economics

Just a month before the Delhi Assembly elections, Arvind Kejriwal had, in one of his election meetings, said, “I am a baniya, and I know my dhanda.” I do not think Mr Kejriwal made that identity state

Ghar wapsi in the American embassy?

Barack Obama, the President of America, is coming to India in order to take a special guard of honour on Republic Day.

No ghar, so no ghar wapsi

The Sangh Parivar is conducting the so-called “ghar wapsi” programmes all over the country.

When politics, business and media rivalry get mixed up in wildlife conservation, the consequence can be pretty bizarre.

When William Blake published his The Tyger in 1794, he carefully replaced the usual “i” of “Tiger” with a “y” in order to suggest the extraordinariness of the apocalyptic beast.