Kancha Ilaiah


The problem in RSS’ Hinduism

US President Barack Obama, in his annual breakfast speech, where the world spiritual, social and political leaders congregated on February 5, said, “countries and civilisations would be torn asunder b

AAP victory and baniya economics

Just a month before the Delhi Assembly elections, Arvind Kejriwal had, in one of his election meetings, said, “I am a baniya, and I know my dhanda.” I do not think Mr Kejriwal made that identity state

Ghar wapsi in the American embassy?

Barack Obama, the President of America, is coming to India in order to take a special guard of honour on Republic Day.

No ghar, so no ghar wapsi

The Sangh Parivar is conducting the so-called “ghar wapsi” programmes all over the country.

The Gita and OBCs

The Other Backward Classes are a historically oppressed majority in India.

Prejudice in Manu’s India

Do Indians have the moral right to express outrage over the Ferguson incident? No. None whatsoever.

Rediscovering Nehru

If Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy to India is liberal Hinduism, B.R. Ambedkar’s legacy is Navayana Buddhism, what is Nehru’s legacy in terms of socio-religious ideas and thought? Atheism and rationalism.

Politics is the art of the possible in which there can be strange bedfellows in pursuit of po-wer.

With the Israeli elections appr-oaching and Prime Mini-ster Benjamin Netany-ahu’s anti-Obama address to the joint US Congress on Iran, there is an air of unreality to the whole exercise.