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Seminar calls for campaign on visa issues concerning India

Representational Image.

GOPIO and other groups vowed to campaign with the Obama administration

Australian mosque leader tells violent Muslims to leave country

Mosque chairman Neil El-Kadomi (Photo: AFP)

PM Turnbull also advised people to leave if Australian values were 'unpalatable'

State-sponsored cross-border terrorism of special concern: India tells UN

Representational Image. (Photo: AFP)

International community must have zero tolerance towards those who aid terrorists: India...

France hits IS targets in Syria a second time: Defence Minister

(Photo: AP)

France carried out it first air strikes in Syria on September 27

Top US commander in Afghanistan makes rare visit to India

Top commander of US and allied forces in Afghanistan, General John Campbell. (Photo: AFP)

India is undertaking a number of projects in warn torn Aghanistan for its rebuilding

Rupert Murdoch suggests Barack Obama isn’t ‘real black President’

Rupert Murdoch

The founder of the global News Corp. media empire, Rupert Murdoch, is suggesting that President Barack Obama isn’t a “real black President.”

Palestinian killed by Israeli forces in Jerusalem clashes

Palestinian protesters and Israeli security forces clash in the West Bank village of Tuqua (Photo: AP)

Israeli security forces shot dead a Palestinian during clashes in east Jerusalem Thursday on their way to the home of a man accused of an earlier stabbing attack, medics said.

‘ISIS overtakes Al Qaeda as leader of extremists’


A file picture taken on September 11, 2015, shows smoke rising in the distance behind an ISIS group flag and banner after Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters reportedly captured several villages from ISIS jihadists in the district of Daquq, south of the northern Iraqi multi-ethnic city of Kirkuk. (Photo: AFP)

IMF chief: We’re cooked if we fail on climate

International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde said that failure to take urgent action on global warming will condemn humanity to the same fate as the Peruvian poultry that so many delegates to t

The wise men have spoken — the moot point is, will they be heard?

Nearly a quarter century ago, when the Babri Masjid was demolished, Fahmida Riaz, a well- known Urdu writer, poet and feminist of Pakistan who had spent many years in exile in India with her husband a