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Christian woman in Pakistan stripped, assaulted

A 28-year-old Christian woman in Pakistan was allegedly stripped naked and assaulted by four men who barged into her house after her brother eloped with a married Muslim woman here.

Transgenders’ marriages not unIslamic: Pak clerics

A group of clerics in Pakistan has declared marriage between transgender individuals permissible in Islam, saying they have a right to be buried in Muslim ceremonies, according to a copy of a religiou

Singapore: Fire engulfs plane after forced landing


A video grab shows foam everywhere after fire-fighters put out a fire on the wing of a Singapore Airlines plane, on the tarmac of Singapore’s Changi airport. (Photo: AFP)

Turkey President apologises to Vladimir Putin over downed jet

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Photo: AFP)

The Kremlin said Monday that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had apologised to Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin over Ankara’s downing of a Russian military jet in Syria last year that shatter

Hillary Clinton aides slam Donald Trump remark on Brexit effect

Donald Trump (Photo: AFP)

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign accused Donald Trump on Sunday of caring more about how Britain's historic vote to leave the European Union would benefit his financial bottom line than how it

Israel, Turkey restore ties after 6 years

Israel and Turkey announced on Monday they would normalise ties after a six-year rupture, a rare rapprochement in the divided West Asia driven by the prospect of lucrative Mediterranean gas deals as

Bacha Bazi: Kabul to investigate child sex slaves fuelling insider attacks

The ancient custom of bacha bazi, one of the country's worst human rights violations

The claims -- strongly denied by the Taliban -- expose child abuse by both parties in Afghanistan's worsening conflict.

Pakistan's new military courts challenged over abuse claims

An armed security guard stands outside the Supreme Court of Pakistan. (Photo: AP)

Of the 12 cases that have come before the Supreme Court, the legal arguments have concluded in nine.

Teen arrested over ‘hoax bomb’ clock returns to US for summer

The teenager says he's happy to be back home and seeing his friends and family is his first priority. (Photo: AP)

Mohamed was arrested in September after a teacher mistook his homemade digital clock for a bomb.

British commentators have noted that with Brexit, the UK’s engagement with Europe has come full circle.

Is children accessing the Internet a boon or a bane? It can become a bane if a child is victimised through cyberbullying or faces other kinds of online victimisation.