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Atlantic Ocean slows global warming


The Atlantic Ocean has masked global warming this century by soaking up vast amounts of heat from the atmosphere in a shift likely to reverse from around 2030 and spur fast temperature rises, scientis

US diplomats banned from Ice Bucket Challenge

It is the charity stunt that has got everyone from billionaires to pop stars and even former US Presidents drenched by buckets of freezing water.

Senegal blocks aid flight, puts travel curbs

Regional humanitarian hub Senegal said on Friday it had blocked a regional UN aid plane from landing and was banning all further flights to and from countries affected by Ebola, potentially hampering

Ferguson: National Guard start pullout

Missouri’s governor ordered National Guard troops to withdraw from the riot-weary town of Ferguson on Thursday as tensions eased after nearly two weeks of racially charged protests over the fatal poli

Russia pushes aid into Ukraine

Kiev accused Moscow of invading as Russia unilaterally drove a mammoth aid convoy across war-torn east Ukraine on Friday and warned against any attacks on the trucks.

Police in dock over cannibalism killing

German police officer Detlef Guenzel arrives for the op-ening of his trial at the co-urt in Dresden, eastern Germany. AFP

A German police officer went on trial on Friday accused of murdering a willing victim he met on a website for cannibalism fetishists so he could make a grisly pornographic home video.

UN rights chief slams Security Council

In her last address to the Security Council, the UN human rights chief sharply criticised the body for its ineffectiveness on Syria and other intractable conflicts, saying its members have often put n

Sadr’s militia wants US aid against ISIS

Shia fighters from the Saraya al-Salam (Peace Brigades), a group formed by Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr . AFP

Iraq’s Mahdi Army fought US troops to the death in past years, but now some members of the rebranded Shia militia say they could do with a little help from their old foe.

Militia kills 68 Sunnis in Iraq mosque

Iraqi Shia militiamen opened fire on minority Sunni Muslims in a village mosque on Friday, killing dozens just as Baghdad is trying to build across-community government to fight Sunni militants whose

After he took charge as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi did several things that reversed his election promises. For instance, India’s unique identification system, the biometric capturing of citizens, was something Mr Modi was vehemently opposed to.