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Boris Johnson claims India owes UK multi-million pounds

Boris Johnson

Britain’s new foreign secretary Boris Johnson told the Parliam-ent that India is on a long list of foreign missions who owe the country millions of pounds in unpaid bills.

Hillary, Kaine not presidential: Donald Trump


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Democratic vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine at a campaign rally in Miami, Florida. (Photo: AFP)

Donald Trump: US could pull out of WTO, if elected President

Republican White House nominee Donald Trump suggested on Sunday that the United States could pull out of the World Trade Organisation if he is elected President.

‘Turkey coup attempt detainees tortured’

Turkish football supporters take part in a rally against the military coup at Taksim Square in Istanbul. (Photo: AFP)

Human rights group Amnesty International said Sunday it had “credible evidence” of the abuse and torture of people detained in sweeping arrests since Turkey’s July 15 coup.

Indian-born Muslim cop heads security for temple in US

Lt. Javed Khan

A Mumbai-born Muslim police officer is the security in-charge of the largest Hindu temple in the Indianapolis city of US, setting an example of inter- faith cooperation and social harmony at a time wh

Purvi Patel conviction: US court overturns foeticide verdict

Purvi Patel

An Indian-origin woman’s 2015 foeticide conviction has been overturned by a US court in connection with her botched, self-induced abortion, with legal experts suggesting the landmark verdict could pla

China shuts down online news operations: report

aa online news.jpeg

Journalists at privately operated Chinese news portals are only accredited to cover sports or entertainment events.

1 killed, 12 injured after failed aylum seeker blows himself up in Germany

 special police officer examines a backpack at the entrance of a building in Ansbach after a man blew himself up. (Photo: AP)

Police said that the man's request for asylum was rejected a year ago, but was allowed to remain in Germany.

India to face serious consequences for expelling journalists: Chinese media

Significantly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to visit China in September for the G20 summit. (Photo: PTI)

Chinese media believes that India is taking revenge for China’s efforts in stopping India’s NSG bid.

A verse in the Bhagvad Gita says the common man tries to emulate the actions of leaders of society. If he sees a certain kind of behaviour practised by these leaders he follows it.

First a teenager on board a train in Würzburg who slashed people with an axe, tried to escape and was shot dead by the police.