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Hafiz Saeed blames India for devastating floods in Pakistan

Hafiz Saeed, widely considered one of South Asia's most dangerous militants, has no doubt who is to blame for devastating floods that have submerged swathes of Pakistani countryside and claimed hundre

South Sudan bans all foreign workers

Minister says order only covers ‘jobs South Sudanese can do’

Israel holds 22 Palestinians in E. Jerusalem

Arrests on suspicion of pelting stones

Who are the ‘terrorists’ the world needs to fight?

Kurdish citizens who fled to Lebanon due to the ISIS shout slogans during a protest against militants outside  -AFP

From Washington and Paris to Tehran and Damascus, it seems everyone agrees on the growing need to fight “terrorism”. What exactly the word means is another matter entirely.

Jihadists go underground in Syria over American strikes

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) has gone underground in its Syrian stronghold since President Barack Obama authorised US airstrikes on the group in Syria, disappearing from the streets

In a first, US strikes ISIS near Baghdad

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters hold a position on the front line in Gwer district, 40 km south of Erbil, northern Iraq, -AFP

Kurds retake Christian villages from militants

100m people saved from hunger in last decade: UN

The number of hungry people in the world has dropped by 100 million over the last 10 years, though one in nine are still undernourished, with Asia home to the majority of the underfed, the UN said on

US wants ‘robust, united’ UK

The United States stepped into Scotland’s knife-edge independence debate on Monday, indicating that it hoped that its “special relationship” ally Britain would remain “united.”

UK in last-ditch bid to keep Scotland

Pro-Union “No” supporters pose for a picture during a rally in Edinburgh on Tuesday ahead of the referendum— AFP

Top three British leaders issue joint pledge to give Scot Parliament more powers

Disasters not only disrupt society, they also distort its basic categories, creating inversions, disrupting normalcy and suspending time in a prolonged way. Return to normalcy then becomes even more difficult and unpredictable.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his historic meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday afternoon in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. As per schedule, Mr Modi took Mr Xi on a tour of Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati ashram.