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Benjamin Netanyahu vows harsh response to Palestinian attack

A Palestinian protester holds a slingshot during clashes with the Israeli police in a suburb of East Jerusalem  -PTI

Israel pledged Thursday a tough response to any further attacks in Jerusalem as the police flooded flashpoint Arab neighbourhoods after a Palestinian rammed his car into a group of pedestrians and kil

US: Iran responsible if N-talks fail

Iran will be widely seen to be responsible if a comprehensive deal to curb its nuclear programme in exchange for sanctions relief is not reached, the top US negotiator said on Thursday.

Coalition ups offensive against ISIS

Mourners carry coffins bearing the bodies of Kurdish fighters killed battling ISIS militants in Kobane —AP

Coalition stalls jihadists in Syrian town; 1,300 fighters to join Kurds against ISIS in Kobane, says Erdogan

Polio workers walk deadly tightrope in Pakistan

In this October 20 photo, Nadia Khan cries as she shows images of her slain younger sister Sumbal. 	 	— AFP

Nadia Khan treasures two photos of her sister Sumbal: one showing her bright-eyed and smiling, the other blank-faced in death after she was gunned down by militants, a “martyr” in Pakistan’s desperate

‘Pakistan will not accept Indian superiority’

Pakistan’s top diplomat Sartaj Aziz has said that Pakistan will not accept the superiority of India and would continue highlighting the Kashmir issue worldwide.

War criminal Ghulam Azam dies at 91

Bangladeshi war criminal Ghulam Azam died from a heart attack Thursday aged 91, just over a year after being sentenced to 90 years in prison for masterminding atrocities during the country’s independe

Virus likely to explode by December

In a major setback in the fight against deadly Ebola virus, a new study has predicted that current international commitments will not contain Ebola outbreak in Liberia.

UK PM vows not to pay $2.5 bn EU bill

Cameron demands emergency meeting of FMs

Merkel seeks Vladimir Putin support on gas dispute

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Russian President Vladimir Putin in a telephone call Friday to throw his weight behind a quick resolution of an ongoing gas dispute with Ukraine as winter looms.

After four hours of driving, we should have been in the middle of Dartmoor. And yet we were not.

During Gen Pervez Musharraf’s time a television host asked Benazir Bhutto (BB) about the low attendance at the Pakistan People’s Party jalsas that had just taken place.