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Afghanistan President invites Taliban to peace process

Afghanistan’s new President invited the Taliban to join in a peace process backed by the international community on Friday, an unusual direct reference to the insurgents who have stepped up attacks in

China nod to rail line bordering India

China has approved construction of a new, strategically important railway line in Tibet which would come close to the Indian border in Arunachal Pradesh, state media reported on Friday.

Himalayan Viagra fuels gold rush in Tibet

Over-whelmed by people trying to cash-in on a prized medicinal fungus known as Himalayan Viagra, two isolated Tibetan communities have implemented a successful system for the sustainable harvest of a

Kurdish peshmerga exit Turkey eatery without paying?

They came, they saw and they left, purportedly, without paying the bill.

Paris’ catacombs still draw visitors

Skulls and bones stacked in the Catacombs of Paris. 	 	— AFP

A place of fear, legend, inspiration and exploration, Paris’ skull and bone-lined Catacombs still draw thousands of visitors each year, many of whom queue for hours to explore the ghoulish burial site

Burkina’s Army Chief takes power

Navere Honore Traore

Burkina Faso’s Army Chief General Navere Honore Traore said he was taking power on Friday as head of state after President Blaise Compaore announced his resignation.

Malaysia: Headscarves for women in markets

All Muslim women employees in supermarkets, food outlets and other business centres in a Malaysian state have been ordered to wear headscarves or face a fine, triggering yet another controversy in thi

Pakistan International Airlines crew ‘illegally’ shifts Indian passengers

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) crew allegedly facilitated 34 Indian passengers to spend a night in Lahore despite not having visas, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) said in a report on Friday

Afghanistan First Lady supports French veil ban

Rula Ghani

Afghanistan’s cosmopolitan new First Lady has backed France’s controversial ban on the naqab, comparing the full veil to “blinders” as she prepares to campaign for more respect for women in her conser

The Archers and Test cricket: words you rarely find in the same sentence and more’s the pity as there’s not much else that can give greater innocent pleasure.

For those younger Pakistanis born in the 1990s and later, the country’s growing dysfunctionality and its slipping further behind in the global comity of nations across a wide front, has seemed to be t