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Pakistan man stones sister to death over affair

In a case of honour killing, a man allegedly stoned to death his sister for having an affair with a youth in Punjab province of Pakistan, where about 860 women became victim of such crimes in 2013.

PPP, PML-N leaders in Sindh at risk

Pakistan’s interior ministry on Thursday warned that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leaders in Sindh face terrorism threats as 6 suicide bombers have entered the prov

Reputation matters, Xi Jingping tells tourists

Xi Jingping

President Xi Jinping has appealed to Chinese tourists not to leave a bad reputation behind, and eat fewer cups of instant noodles while travelling abroad.

Australia foils murderous ISIS plot

A group of Muslims pray as they gather for a peaceful demonstration at Lakemba in suburban Sydney following anti-terror. AP

Australia’s largest-ever counter-terrorism raids on Thursday detained 15 people and foiled an alleged plot by ISIS jihadis to conduct “demonstration killings”, including beheading a random member of t

ISIS posts video of captured British journalist

ISIS released a video on Thursday of a British freelance photojournalist, John Cantlie, in which he says he is being held captive.

Washington urges Iran to comply

Washington urged Iran on Thursday to engage with a stalled UN nuclear probe, saying it was crucial to a major accord under discussion between Iran and world powers this week in New York.

Nawaz Sharif may attend United Nation session

Nawaz Sharif

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is expected to attend the annual UN General Assembly meeting in New York later in September, an official said on Thursday.

Thailand PM sorry over bikni remark

Thailand’s junta chief apologised Thursday for suggesting tourists in bikinis could be more vulnerable to attack, comments which caused an international outcry following the brutal murder of two Briti

Charles Sobhraj guilty of 2nd murder in Nepal

Charles Sobhraj in middle of the picture.

A Nepalese court has convicted Charles Sobhraj of a second murder, sentencing the alleged serial killer, con man and prison escape artist to life in prison, an official said Thursday.

Bangladesh MPs can impeach Supreme Court judges

Two-thirds majority needed for removal over misconduct and Lawyers condemn move

The kindest thing that can be said of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s indifferent performance in the series of byelections since the general election last May is that they are a pointer to the significant role played by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in ensuring the decisive Lok Sabha outcome.

Disasters not only disrupt society, they also distort its basic categories, creating inversions, disrupting normalcy and suspending time in a prolonged way. Return to normalcy then becomes even more difficult and unpredictable.