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MH370 mystery prompts new plane-tracking measures

Relatives of Chinese passengers from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 offer prayers at Thean Hou Temple—AFP

Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia will lead a trial to enhance the tracking of aircraft over remote oceans, allowing planes to be more easily found should they vanish like Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Dhaka pays tribute to blogger

Hundreds of Bangladeshis demanded justice on Sunday for the killers of an atheist blogger hacked to death with machetes, as they gathered to pay tribute to the critic of religious extremism.

Former MI6 chief warns of Russia threat to UK

Russia has become a threat to Britain and the government must be prepared to take steps to defend itself and its allies, including in the Baltic region, the former chief of spy agency MI6 has said.

Al Qaeda sought Laden nod for attacks

A top Al Qaeda figure sought Osama bin Laden’s permission in 2010 to allow an operative to move to Iran with a team of terrorists so that they could train to launch Mumbai-style attacks in Europe, acc

Curtains fall on historic cinema hall in Pakistan

Pakistan’s historic Taj Mahal cinema with a 66-year history in Abbottabad city is being dismantled after its owner sold the property over dwindling business, media reports said on Sunday.

Seoul calls for Japan ‘comfort women’ apology

South Korean President Park Geun-Hye on Sunday repeated a call for Japan-ese leaders to apologise to former wartime sex slaves, warning that “time is running out” for Tokyo.

I’m not afraid: Russians march for Kremlin critic


Tens of thousands of people marched in central Moscow on Sunday to honour the memory of Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who was gunned down near the Kremlin in the highest-profile assassination of Vl

Ukraine frontlines relatively calm ahead of EU-mediated gas talks

Ukraine’s frontlines were relatively calm on Sunday ahead of high-level EU-mediated gas talks between Kiev and Moscow, as journalists mourned the killing by mortar fire of a Ukrainian photographer.

Netanyahu visit to test US-Israel ties

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu headed to Washington Sunday on what he said was a “historic” mission to try to stop a nuclear deal with Iran, an AFP correspondent reported.

There always comes a time when you have to heed Jesus who said: “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” So this time I will render unto the finance m

The devil, they say, is in the details. There is a world of difference between the Budget speech of Arun Jaitley, peppered with smart announcements, and the real numbers in the Budget documents.