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Violence mars US protest over black man’s death

Prot-esters rampaged through downtown Baltimore on Saturday as the city’s biggest demonstration yet over the death of a young African-American man in the police custody turned violent.

UN chief: No military solution to crisis

UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Sunday urged Europe to refrain from resorting to a military solution to prevent a repeat of the shipwreck in the Mediterranean that left more than 750 migrants dead.

‘Captain forced to pilot migrant ship’

Brother: Tunisian captain ‘victim of lawless Libya’; Italy Navy rescues 274 from another ship

‘China to take de facto control of S. China Sea’

Beijing is poised to take “de facto control” of the South China Sea, the Philippines warned Sunday, but its call for a robust Southeast Asian response at a regional summit was shot down.

Boko Haram fighters attack Niger Army base

Suspected Boko Haram fighters in motorised canoes attacked a Niger Army base on an island in Lake Chad, the body of water touching all four countries that have been targeted by Nigeria’s Islamic insur

UN Yemen envoy tries to revive talks

A youth injured in clashes is carried to the hospital

A new UN envoy was looking to kickstart peace talks in Yemen as battles raged Sunday between Iran-backed rebels and pro-government forces a month after the launch of Saudi-led air strikes.

Earthquake: Hospitals overflowing, rural towns cut off

Bodies of earthquake victims lay in line as relatives try to identify them at a hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal, on Sunday. AP

Aid groups and governments worldwide intensified efforts Sunday to help earthquake-hit Nepal, but blocked roads, downed power lines and overcrowded hospitals posed formidable challenges in an already

Nepal Earthquake: Heavy blow to Nepal’s rich cultural heritage

Volunteers work to remove debris at the historic Dharahara tower. (Photo: AP)

Reduced to piles of rubble and splintered wood, Nepal’s rich cultural heritage has suffered a devastating blow from a massive earthquake that tore through the country, experts said on Sunday.

Barack Obama pokes fun at Bibi, US presidential aspirants

President Barack Obama speaks (Photo: AP)

President Barack Obama took a dig at himself, joked about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton as he spoke at the annual White House Corresp-ondents d

The Narendra Modi government has suspended the registration of Greenpeace India under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010, (FCRA) for 180 days, preventing it from receiving any foreign funds

The Hindu Council UK has prepared its own “manifesto”, a list of demands submitted to political parties ahead of next month’s elections in the United Kingdom.