Shiv Visvanathan


Shiv Visvanathan

It’s time for a debate on GM crops

Two recent events have emphasised the urgency of introducing GM crops on a large scale. The first was a letter by 107 Nobel laureates chiding Greenpeace for criticising the introduction of GM crops.

The power of a verdict

High court verdicts are often good news.

Defeats define Leo legacy

Being a legend is being vulnerable. Legends do not make mistakes unless they are legendary mistakes. They have to redeem them in epic ways. A legend’s mistake haunts an entire nation.

Democracy’s warning signals

Sometimes in the annals of history, a place evokes more emotions than the mere idea of territory.

Re-reading Mathura

In my childhood, one of the most cherished films was by top Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. His Rashomon was something we all saw — it was a mark of our literacy and our cosmopolitanism.

Whither democracy?

There is a celebratory air about the recent elections in West Bengal, Assam and Tamil Nadu that is intriguing. The celebration is at two levels.

The strange case of Kanak Dixit

Nepalese journalist-activist Kanak Mani Dixit, who was arrested on April 22 and released on May 2 on the orders of that country’s Supreme Court, is now free, and it is in the nature of the media to th

The death of the university

The university is one of the strangest, grandest institutions. It is a theatre of knowledge, a site for debates, a custodian of democracy and the epitome of pluralism.

Life and the theatre of violence

For the last few years, one has been a witness to extraordinary acts of violence and equally problematic responses to it. Violence seems to be mutating in unexpected ways.

The Guru & the Ego

Spirituality as an act of faith, as a social organisation probably has more followers in India than any secular movement.

Failure normally is a fog through which one can glimpse triumph.

When you see photographs of a former Chief Justice of India on the sports pages, it is a clear sign that judicial overreach has reached a new high.