Farrukh Dhondy


Farrukh Dhondy

Snakes and ladders

“‘Sesame’ wasn’t the cave’s name
It was a word in the unknowable
Language of rocks.
Pronounced it opened a fabulous horde
Unlike the jar
Called Pandora’s ‘Box’
Which once opened

Poppy politics

“He who has the ultimate laugh
Will without a doubt
Laugh alone with moistened eyes
And nothing to laugh about!”
Kem Dikra Kem Chhe by Bachchoo

Slut as in slattern

Slut as in slattern
“Isn’t it strange?
Isn’t it rich?
That Panini
The Grammarian of Sanskrit
Is now an Italian sandwich?”

From Hai Doonya!

What unites India?

“Though Shakespeare did not invent the form
He wrote a lot of sonnets to a guy
Encapsulating both the calm and storm
Of love. And though I can in no way try

“It’s always time to say goodbye Said the spider to the fly As he wove his tangled web With a crocodile tear in his eye. It’s easier jumping over the moon Sang the cow to a feline tune

In the ever-changing political and economic scenario, seismic changes take place in the corporate world.