Arun Kumar Singh


Arun Kumar Singh

Modi enters the dragon’s lair

All tourists going to China are told by various tourism sites and books that they “must” visit three places: Xian (the “past” of China), Beijing (the “present” of China) and Shanghai (the “future” of

Set ground rules for Make in India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has embarked on a three-nation (France, Germany and Canada) visit from April 9 to 16.

FDI is what Modi needs

In the last 10 months, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has performed very well on the foreign policy front.

A reality check

January 27, 2015, was an eventful day. A few events took place almost simultaneously on this day that are likely to impact the future of India’s security and economy.

Navy in the dock

The Indian Navy has always had a sound strategy to develop a “balanced force capability” comprising naval aviation, submarines, warships and marine commandos, so that it can protect national interests

Arvind Kejriwal’s transfor-mation from an anti-corruption advocate and street fighter to a shrewd hard-boiled politician is a remarkable Indian political phenomenon without parallel.

“Descartes was wrong: To simply be conscious is not to be; Our constant song Is ‘I must make a mark, acknowledge me!’ The mirrored face Is not sufficient evidence that we Are in the race