Arun Kumar Singh


Arun Kumar Singh

Growing reach of the sea dragon

India’s latest defence budget is about 1.72 per cent of its gross domestic product (the lowest in GDP terms since the disastrous 1962 Sino-Indian war), and it’s about 25 per cent of the Chinese defenc

Modi must realise India’s defence destiny

As the National Democratic Alliance government nears completion of two years in office, it should be clear that the big changes which one hoped for from the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government have

Safe seas, safer India

In 1415, King Henry V is reported to have inspected the English fleet before it sailed for war with France, thus beginning the tradition of fleet review by the head of state.

India and the war against ISIS

The past few days have been good for Indian diplomacy as there were attempts to enhance economic growth.

The Indian Navy’s blue-water quest

The global security situation is changing fast and India, currently focused on economic growth while it deals diplomatically with what is now being termed as “hybrid war”, needs to adapt quickly.

Navy in the dock

The Indian Navy has always had a sound strategy to develop a “balanced force capability” comprising naval aviation, submarines, warships and marine commandos, so that it can protect national interests

In a move smacking of breathtaking insensitivity, the Haryana government chose the eve of Ambedkar Jayanti to announce that Gurgaon would henceforth be known as Gurugram.

There is a belief amongst members of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that high voter turnout in the recently-concluded Assembly elections in Assam will go in their favour on May 19, the day of counti