Antara Dev Sen

Letters to Editor

Letters to Editor

Antara Dev Sen

The politics of hurt sentiments

Is censorship good? Wait, dear reader, do not recoil in horror. Think about it. Of course not, you say? Well then why is it necessary to have a film censor board in this day and age?

How politics is falling from grace

The time for polite politics appears to be decidedly over. This week, a Union minister has been calling non-Hindus illegitimate.

Our gods in white coats?

They say they are next to god. They demand to be worshipped like god. And pretty much like god, they expect to be above criticism and accountability. Even when they kill.

Swachchh Bharat & dirty politics

Today I was reminded of this joke from my childhood, about a Fuller Brush salesman trying to sell a new vacuum cleaner.

Democracy of disgust

The personal is political. And the political is personal too. Only the incurably innocent or doggedly somnambulant would refuse to recognise this.

Every time Pakistan says it wants to talk about Kashmir, India finds itself on the back foot.

The “Budgetometer” and its elsewhere equivalent played the real hero — caught in between the ecstatic urge to give a 10-plus and the understandably unreasonable rush in search of a negative score, it