Antara Dev Sen

Letters to Editor

Letters to Editor

Antara Dev Sen

In Bengal, the joy of paribartan is over

Act like a man! Act like a man!” Steve Martin mutters in the film All of Me. Lily Tomlin’s spirit is lodged inside him, making his every gesture peculiarly feminine and ladylike.

Badaun: A reminder of India’s hollowness

Is this the first time?” thundered George Fernandes, then defence minister, in Parliament. “Is this the first time that such things have happened?” This was the parliamentary debate on Gujarat in April 2002 and he was referring to the sadistic rapes and murders of women during the frenzy of sectarian violence.

Election silence

Many of us were sort of young (perhaps in spirit?) when these elections began. Sort of young and sort of shockable. Now, having been through eight of the nine phases of these seemingly endless elections, we are older and wiser.

In Modi’s fantasy land

Fantasy is a natural human activity. It certainly does not destroy or even insult Reason,” said J.R.R. Tolkien, the master of fantasy and author of The Hobbit. “On the contrary. The keener and the clearer is the reason, the better fantasy will it make.”

Democracy of disgust

The personal is political. And the political is personal too. Only the incurably innocent or doggedly somnambulant would refuse to recognise this.

In Gurez, at the upper edge of northern Kashmir Valley, a serene calm prevails along the Line of Control. The undulating rhythms of the Kishanganga river that rolls through bowl-shaped valleys surrounded by the Himalayas on all four sides put Switzerland to shame.

Besides controlling food inflation, the most challenging task before Narendra Modi is to create jobs for millions of young men and women, some of whom were responsible for his resounding victory in the elections. It is one thing to promise jobs and another to actually create them.