Friday, Sep 21, 2018 | Last Update : 03:25 PM IST

Sandeep Bamzai

Gov Malik and a ‘political solution’ in J&K

Pertinently, Governor’s Rule can last only six months, after which the President directly rules the state.

05 Sep 2018 1:44 AM

Will caste arithmetic overpower Hindu dominance?

Mr Modi has created a Hindu votebank for the first time in our 72-year history, an aggressive votebank which holds the whiphand.

22 Aug 2018 1:48 AM

Doklam parallel seen in ’67 Nathu La skirmish

China is trying to encircle India using blue-water tactics with a string of pearls strategy.

15 Aug 2018 2:43 AM

How Modi has managed to cut the snake’s head

Draining the blood to the fount remains at the core of the Indian offensive and defensive strategy on Kashmir.

08 Aug 2018 12:26 AM

Pluralism is the bedrock of our country

The trolls targeting India’s foreign minister are an extension of this same ugly discourse.

11 Jul 2018 2:50 AM

Wave of Muslim migrants spell doom for Europe

The WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) rural American constituency, which voted with their hands and feet for him obviously, applauded the decision.

04 Jul 2018 12:34 AM

Money machine flows from Noida in UP

The CAG has sought details of all the board meetings that had taken place in Noida since 1976 and has started its audit.

13 Jun 2018 1:31 AM

2019: What lies in store for Republic of Kichdi

The mismanagement of the fuel economy is the latest measure of arrogance as the government brazens it out.

01 Jun 2018 1:11 AM

How Modi failed to do a Golwalkar in J&K

Funds coming from India, Pakistan and till recently Saudi Arabia meant that the Valley is flush with cash.

23 May 2018 12:33 AM

49 not out

Amitabh Bachchan talks about his fortunate career, his father, and his compulsive need to keep working.

13 May 2018 6:44 AM