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Pfizer decides against split-up; more deals seen likely


The largest US drugmaker said its lengthy analysis determined that splitting off would not boost cash flow or better position businesses.

England manager Allardyce caught in newspaper sting

AA Sam Allardyce.jpeg

Former Bolton Wanderers, West Ham United and Sunderland boss Allardyce replaced Hodgson as England manager in July.

More US babies born addicted to opiates like heroin

(Representational Image)

These babies may have central nervous system issues like seizures and tremors, gastrointestinal problems and feeding difficulties.

Authorities in Paris planning to open a nudist park in the city

 "Other European capitals have done so, very recently Berlin" (Photo: AFP)

"We need to find the right place and we don't want to upset anyone or ruffle feathers."

12 Afghan soldiers killed in their sleep by fellow troops: Official

 The attack could give a huge blow to the soldiers' morale. (Representational Image: AP)

The outpost was among many forming a protective ring around Kunduz, which was briefly captured by the Taliban a year ago.

German regulator orders Facebook to delete WhatsApp user data


A German privacy regulator ordered Facebook to stop collecting and storing data of German users of its messaging app WhatsApp

Google to Provide Public Wi-Fi Hotspots in Malls, Universities in India

 Google Station aims to deepen its reach across the country.

Google currently offers free Wi-Fi access at 53 railway stations across India and plans to scale up the service to 100 by year-end.

Fish’s nocturnal ‘singing’ secrets revealed


In one of the marvels of nature, males of a fish species called the plainfin midshipman that dwells in Pacific coastal waters from Alaska to Baja California court females during breeding season using

High stakes for India's $84 billion airwave auction after Vodafone play

Vodafone India.jpg

Vodafone's cash boost is a sign of how high stakes will be when the sale begins on Saturday (Oct 1).

500th Test: Spin doctor at it again

 Virat Kohli attempts a diving catch. (Photo: PTI)

India set New Zealand an improbable 434-run victory target and then blew away the visitors’ top order in Sunday’s final session to close in on a resounding win in the first Test.

“Grab ‘em by the *****, their hearts and minds will follow.” — An American soldier, Vietnam, circa 1960s

After hearing the Pakistan PM’s ramblings on Kashmir at the UN General Assembly last week, one began to wonder how “sharif” (civil or civilised) Nawaz Sharif could possibly be, with or without officia