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England sack manager Sam Allardyce after newspaper sting

 (Photo: AP)

I recognise I made some comments which have caused embarrassment, said Allardyce after sacking.

Tough anti-corruption law takes effect in South Korea

 South Korean President Park Geun-hye. (Photo: AP)

The sweeping legislation covers some four million public servants and employees of education institutions in the country of 50 million.

Dynamite debate ‘explodes’ on Don

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump strode out cloaked in icy politeness. Yet within minutes their debate degenerated into bickering, insults and diatribes — a gladiatorial contest of modern times.

Some 32,000 suspects arrested in Turkey coup probe

AA Suspect arrested.jpeg

Turkey blames US-based preacher Fethullah Gulen for the July 15 coup.

Donald Trump smells a rat, says mic defective

Controversial Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has claimed that he was given a defective microphone in the fiery debate with his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton and questioned whether i

Swiss lawmakers say yes to banning burqa

Switzerland’s lower House on Tuesday narrowly approved a draft Bill on a nationwide burqa ban, the ATS news agency reported, but the measure remains far from coming into force.

German police shoot dead knife-wielding refugee

AA German police.jpeg

Police were called to the shelter after the 27-year-old Pakistani man allegedly sexually abused an eight-year-old girl in a nearby park.

Turkey sacks 87 spies for ‘links’ to failed coup

Turkey has dismissed 87 staff from its spy agency over alleged links to the failed July 15 coup, state media said on Tuesday, in the first purge of one of the country’s most powerful institutions.

Raids hit two largest hospitals in rebel-held Aleppo: NGO

AA Bomb hit hospitals.jpeg

Both hospitals had intensive care units and trauma capacities and had been targeted in previous aerial attacks.

There’s no prosthetic for amputated spirits in Gaza

Every time he hears a loud noise, Imed al Firi hides his healthy leg under a cushion — a reflex he developed after the summer of 2014, when Israeli tank fire struck his Gaza home and robbed him of his

The social media is aflame with elated stories, tall stories really, about India’s retaliation for Uri by turning off the spigot of the three western rivers of the Indus basin that flow unhindered int

The nation state is often a litany of the same mechanical rituals, where the same clichés are repeated by politicians, year after year. Gandhi Jayanti is one such event.