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‘Little Berlin’ village reminisces how its own Wall fell

An employee cuts grass in a meadow in front of a tank of the former German Democratic Republic at the Deutsch-Deutsche. AFP

Germany, 1989: Snow falls as an excited crowd breaks through the Wall and people tearfully embrace loved ones after decades of living apart. Berlin? Wrong.

Burkina Faso Parliament set ablaze in protest over President

A Burkina Faso protester gestures outside the Parliament in Ouagadougou as cars and documents burn on Thursday. 	— AFP

Angry demonstrators went on the rampage in Burkina Faso on Thursday, setting Parliament ablaze in a surge of violence that forced the government to scrap a vote on controversial plans to allow Preside

Satisfaction on rise in emerging nations

A Chinese woman laughs during a social dance with a man at Ritan Park in Beijing on Thursday. 	— AP

Those who live in emerging economies are considerably more satisfied with their lives than they were seven years ago, according to a global public opinion survey published Thursday.

Clashes in Bangladesh over Motiur Rahman Nizami’s death sentence

Bangladeshi pro-government activists shout slogans against a nationwide strike called by the Jamaat-e-Islami. AP

Islamists clashed with the police in several Bangladesh cities on Thursday as part of a nationwide strike to protest against their leader being sentenced to death for war crimes, the police said.

After flooding the world with $4 trillion, QE ends

The Federal Reserve decided on Wednesday to end its quantitative easing stimulus programme, after six years of pumping easy money into the US economy via asset purchases to shore up growth.

Communist rule ‘fundamental’ to rule of law

President Xi Jingping

Communist power is a “fundamental requirement” to ensure the rule of law in China, a party official said Thursday, days after a meeting of the organisation’s top leaders in Beijing.

Century-man Younis Khan makes Australia sweat

Younis Khan became the first batsman in 90 years to hit three hundreds in consecutive innings against Australia as Pakistan took an early advantage in the second Test in Abu Dhabi on Thursday.

Real Madrid crush UD Cornella

Real Madrid’s Javier Hernandez scores during the Spanish Copa del Rey match against Cornella in Cornella-El Prat — AFP

Defending champions begin Copa del Rey defence on a high

Nervous Caroline Wozniacki set for marathon debut

Caroline Wozniacki

Former world no. 1 Caroline Wozniacki knows just what to expect when she steps on a tennis court, but tackling the New York City Marathon is another matter.

Harassment video goes viral

A still from the video.

Shows young woman being pestered on New York streets

Now that the protests are fizzling out, it’s worth asking what exactly they managed to accomplish. I see two major effects.