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Japan tells Apple to pay $118 million


An Apple Inc iTunes unit in Japan was ordered to pay some 12 billion yen ($118 million) in tax by local authorities after underreporting income, media reported Friday.

Scientists spot a baby planet similar to Uranus

Scientists have found signs of a baby planet thought to be an icy giant — similar to Uranus and Neptune — growing around a nearby star, a discovery that may help better understand the origins of vario

Japan firms wage war on ‘smell harassment’

Got stinky colleagues? Japan has a seminar for that.

Japan likely to boost its defence budget to $51 billion

Japan aims to develop a prototype drone fighter jet in two decades with private sector help in a technology strategy that focuses on weapons communications and lasers, according to a document seen by

Japan eyes missiles to defend its islands

Move comes amid Tokyo’s growing tensions with China.

Japan will develop a new land-to-sea missile as part of plans to beef up its defence of remote southern islands, as tensions with China increase over the disputed territory, a report said on Sunday.

Japan restarts nuclear reactor amid protests


Residents and others opposing restarting of reactor gather near the Ikata nuclear power plant of Shikoku Electric Power in Ehime prefecture, about 700 km southwest of Tokyo. (Photo: AFP)

Emperor Akihito hints at historic abdication

Emperor Akihito said on Monday his advancing age and weakening health mean he may no longer be able to carry out his duties, setting the stage for Japan to prepare for a historic abdication.

Pokemon proves costly for Kohei Uchimura

Kohei Uchimura in a file photo.

Japanese gymnastics star Kohei Uchimura was left counting the cost of his recent addiction to Pokemon Go at the Rio Olympics.

Tokyo gets first woman governor


Former Japanese defence minister Yuriko Koike (centre) and supporters celebrate her win as Tokyo governor in Tokyo. (Photo: AFP)

Japan exhibition mourns fading sex culture


A photographer stands beside a female sex doll at the Erotopia Japan exhibition in Tokyo. (Photo: AFP)

Last Sunday was the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that stunned the United States and astounded the world with its sheer audacity.

Deepa Malik dared to dream... and dream big. Hers has been the most inspiring “athlete story” of the year. The more I read up on her, the greater my admiration grows.