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South Africa inventions aim to stop slum fires

 People look through the remains of burnt homes after a fire raged— AFP

South Africans social entrepreneurs have come up with inventions aimed at curbing deadly fires and floods in the country’s crowded informal settlements.

South Africa: Apartheid assassin ‘Prime Evil’ gets parole

Eugene de Kock

One of South Africa’s most notorious apartheid mass murderers, Eugene “Prime Evil” de Kock, was granted parole on Friday after 20 years in jail, a decision set to re-ignite painful debate over the cri

South Africa salutes Nelson Mandela on his first death anniversary

Nelson Mandela’s family members place a wreath to a 9-metre tall statue of him in Pretoria, South Africa, on Friday. 	— AP

As smoke rose from the long, spiralled kudu horns in his hands, tribal chief Ron Martin raised his voice and praised the spirits of South Africa’s ancestors, one year after Nelson Mandela’s death.

It has now become apparent to the Narendra Modi government that the manner in which it sought to amend the law relating to acquisition of land is not politically feasible.

If a law has not worked well on the ground, do you toss it out or try and improve its implementation?