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David Cameron’s anti-jihadist plans face scepticism

British media on Tuesday voiced scepticism over “vague” plans announced by Prime Minister David Cameron to counter the threat of jihadist fighters travelling to Iraq and Syria.

European giants splurge more than $3 million

Radamel Falcao

The English Premier League dominated as Europe’s top clubs spent more than $3 billion on new players in the two month transfer market that ended with a frantic burst of deals, according to a study rel

Robotic birds that look and fly like real


A Dutch designer has come up with unique remote-controlled robotic birds that look and fly exactly like the real creatures and act as a deterrent to flocks of nuisance birds.

Smartwatch projects texts and tweets on hand


A smartwatch which projects the time onto your hand and may even be able to show texts, Facebook updates and tweets is being developed.

E. Coli bacteria to create fossil fuel alternative?

British and Finnish scientists have found a way of generating renewable propane using a bacterium widely found in human intestine and say the finding is a step to commercial production of a fuel that

Half of young brit women can’t locate vaginas!

A new survey has revealed that half the young women, aged 26-35, do not know how to label a vagina on a medical diagram, while 65 per cent have a problem using the words vagina or vulva.

Lions look to improve

England without Gerrard and Lampard keen on a fresh beginning

‘Man U move a dream’

Colombian striker Radamel Falcao said that he had fulfilled “a dream” after completing a loan move to Manchester United from Monaco in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Evidence of complete Stonehenge circle found


The 4,000-year-old mystery about how the Stonehenge was built has been solved, thanks to a short hosepipe.

UK Tory legislators may push for exit from EU

Conservative legislators could pledge to support Britain leaving the EU, irrespective of what powers are returned to London from Brussels, newspaper the Independent has reported.

On July 22, 2014, an international partnership across India, Africa and the US launched the “One Agriculture-One Science: A Global Education Consortium” initiative aimed at revitalising global agricultural education, capacity building and technology transfer.

A few weeks ago a public school in the National Capital Region organised an Id Milan during school hours for students. Not all students were invited to it. During the mid-morning recess, teachers instructed Muslim students to line up and go to the place for the function.