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One third of world’s population obese

Over a third of the world’s population is obese, a study published in the WHO bulletin has said while asserting that governments need to make the food supply healthier to reduce risk of problems linke

UNHRC adopts resolution on Palestine, India abstains

India for the first time on Friday abstained from voting on a resolution on Palestine adopted at the UN rights body that calls for accountability by parties involved in last year’s conflict in Gaza.

US seeks extradition of 7 Fifa officials

The United States has demanded the extradition of seven Fifa officials detained in May setting off what could become a prolonged legal battle over the handling of the major corruption case.

‘137,000 refugees, migrants crossed Mediterranean’

A record 137,000 people made the perilous journey across the Mediterranean to Europe in the first half of 2015, most of them fleeing war, conflict and persecution, the United Nations said Wednesday

Sepp Blatter not a candidate but elected head, says report

Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter will not stand again for the Fifa presidency, he told a Swiss newspaper, but insisted he remained in charge of world football’s governing body.

Lions face risk of extinction, warns IUCN


The mighty lion, reclusive cave crabs and the world’s rarest sea lion are among nearly 23,000 species at risk of dying out, a top conservation body warned Tuesday.

UN: Both sides guilty of war crimes

Report decries ‘huge firepower’ used by Israel, says tunnels by Palestinian militants traumatised Israelis

‘60 million displaced due to wars, conflict in 2014’

A record 60 million people were forcibly displaced worldwide due to wars, persecution and conflict in 2014, an average of 42,500 individuals per day, enough to form the world’s 24th largest country, t

Slipper, fisticuffs at Yemen truce talks

Fisticuffs broke out Thursday at a Geneva press conference by Yemeni rebels when their leader was attacked by a slipper-wielding woman and others accusing them of mass killings in the country’s south.

Ban calls for immediate truce in Yemen

UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Monday called for an immediate humanitarian truce in Yemen as peace talks began in Geneva and a Saudi-led Arab coalition continued aerial bombardments of the ravaged country.

On Sunday, July 5, another chapter opened in the odyssey of Greece’s tortured relations with the eurozone.

The latest controversy over Air India reminds me of Singapore Airlines (SIA) dropping out of the bidding in 2001 when the national carrier hoped that partial privatisation would raise enough money to