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While filing tax returns, all bank account must be revealed

Filing your income-tax return this year has just become a little more cumbersome.

Net neutrality gets boost as Cleartrip quits

In a huge boost to Net neutrality in India, travel portal Cleartrip and NDTV pulled out of Facebook’s promoted platform on Wednesday, a day after Flipkart walked out of Airtel Zero over c

Media flouts neutrality

Finally chickens have come home to roost for media houses on net neutrality.

Insurance firms can’t deny claims for 3-year-old policies

In a significant pro-consumer move, life insurance companies will now not be able to deny an insurance claim after three years of commencement of policy on any ground.

‘Delayed Fed rate hike to benefit India’

Robert F. Bruner

The dean of the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, Robert F.

Xiaomi faces war from low cost mobiles

XIAOMI mobile.jpg

Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi asserted on Thursday that the company is not all about cheap products and can’t sell products below their manufacturing costs, as it faces competition from other chea

Budget 2015-16: Ease of business now a focal point

To promote ease of doing business in the country, finance minister Arun Jaitley on Saturday proposed to bring legislation where the need for multiple prior permissions can be replaced with a pre-exist

Feel-good GDP number puzzles economic adviser

Reviving the debate on the new GDP numbers, the Economic Survey on Friday called the new higher economic gro-wth numbers put out by Central Statistical Org-anisation (CSO) as “puzzling”.

India needs $1 trillion to project power

The Economic Survey asked on Friday whether India should follow China and build reserves of foreign excha-nge.

When William Blake published his The Tyger in 1794, he carefully replaced the usual “i” of “Tiger” with a “y” in order to suggest the extraordinariness of the apocalyptic beast.

Official visits by heads of state or government are like vital surgical operations — if you come out of the operation theatre alive and are back in your room, it is deemed a success.