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PM Modi, Rajnath Singh focus on making UP base bigger

PM Modi, Rajnath Singh focus on making UP base bigger-AP

Going all out to expand and consolidate the BJP’s votebank in politically crucial Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and home minister Rajnath Singh will be holding massive membership drives

New name, fund flow on agenda

Sources close to the process of preparing the agenda for the chief ministers in the Planning Commission revealed that work is on to decide on “nomenclature, structure and fund flow from the Centre to

PM to hold meeting with chief ministers on Sunday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a brief intervention in the Lok Sabha Friday ahead of his meeting with all chief ministers on December 7, indicating plans are on to reshape the Planning Commission a

Social justice plank has gone for a toss?

The social justice plank of political parties appears to have gone for a toss as there is abysmal percentage of other backward class (OBC), Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) officers, who

Finance Minister to unleash subsidy reforms in next Budget

Pending the report of the Expenditure Management Commission headed by former RBI governor Bimal Jalan, the government is all set to unleash subsidy reforms in the coming 2015-16 Budget, which may allo

Is PM Modi government size following UPA path?

Is PM Modi government size following UPA path?

Strength of ministers now up to 66, only 12 less than UPA

PM Modi may pick technocrats in new Plan body

PM Narendra Modi addresses during the foundation stone laying ceremony of a trade facilitation centre for weavers -PTI

Nominees from states likely

‘Don’t seek funds for vacant post’

Intending to keep a check on estimated fiscal deficit in the Budget for the year 2015-16 and meet the FRBM target of 3.6 per cent of the GDP, the finance ministry has issued guidelines for ministries

Finance ministry gets more muscle

In a move to give the finance ministry a pivotal role in all economic decisions, ministries and departments have been directed by the Cabinet Secretariat to get the approval of the finance minister on

More powers for finance ministry

The Cabinet Secretariat said, “This office is directed to clarify an earlier directive with reference to all appraisal bodies.

This may be Narendra Modi’s government, but India may be on its way to becoming Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s republic. The signs point that way.

The past is another country, said L.P. Hartley and how true that sounds when one looks over the newspapers of just a year ago.