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No tickets for elderly BJP leaders

After announcing that it will bring its veterans back to mainstream politics in Uttar Pradesh, the BJP in Uttar Pradesh has now set a cut-off age for those who will be allowed to contest elections.

Akhilesh Yadav to repackage Ram Manohar Lohia for youth

The Samajwadi Party has decided to repackage its ideologue Ram Manohar Lohia digitally and make him more acceptable to the younger generation.

BJP plans Kanshi Ratna on UP poll-eve?

Modi government is planning move to wean dalits away from BSP

Projects in Gandhi bastions in limbo

The mega food park project in Amethi, the AIIMS project in Rae Bareli, the Flying Academy in Rae Bareli, the National Automative Training and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRIP) in Trisundi and the 20

Sob stories spill out in board exams

More than the answers to the questions coming out of answer sheets of UP Board examination for the Classes 10 and 12, examiners are finding love notes, sob stories and even currency notes pouring out

Eye on vote banks, UP list of public holidays swells

The list of political holidays in Uttar Pradesh is growing and is now probably the longest compared to other states in the country.

BJP caught in ‘quota in promotion’ crossfire

In its attempt to win over dalits for the 2017 Assembly elections, the BJP in Uttar Pradesh finds itself caught in crossfire over the reservation issue.

Sonia Gandhi letter to Ashok Gajapathi Raju over flying academy

After sending a letter to Union health minister J.P.

No FIR in anti-Phoolan village Behmai

A police station in Behmai — which hit the headlines when former bandit Phoolan Devi lined up 22 Thakurs on February 14, 1981 and shot them dead — has been in existence for 34 years and till date, not

Former cricketer adopts 4 girls in Uttar Pradesh

Salim Ahmad Qureshi, a former Ranji cricket player, offered to adopt four minor girls in Didoli village in Amroha district.

When William Blake published his The Tyger in 1794, he carefully replaced the usual “i” of “Tiger” with a “y” in order to suggest the extraordinariness of the apocalyptic beast.

Official visits by heads of state or government are like vital surgical operations — if you come out of the operation theatre alive and are back in your room, it is deemed a success.